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People of the Northern Hemisphere: TV Cancellation Company...


This goes particularly to people of the Northern Hemisphere where is very cold...it can go for the southern Hemisphere also but for now i am going to work with the Northern Hemisphere...

All i need is 200,000 of you per country who will like to do this who will like to get rid of the TV but find yourself been addicted to it...Since we can't create a "Cable Company" We are going to create this...I need 200,000 of you to each chip in $20 per month for 3 years...It will be: $144 million dollars...Placed in the bank at: 5% it will be: 7.2 million dollars coming your way every single year...With the 7.2 million coming to your every year you create what i call the: TV CANCELLATION COMPANY PER COUNTRY on the "NORTHERN HEMISPHERE"...The way this company works is that they let you through your cable see the programs, tv that will be showing on your tv for the week and YOU PICK which programs you want to watch for how long...After the program/show finishes your tv shuts off either for the day or for whenever your other program you requested comes on...Listen TV is a drug, just like sex...And the good thing is that after the 3 years that you pay to build the company the service will be free for you and for future generations coming ahead of you...FREE....For instance wouldn't you want your college daughter to have this program when she is in college staying in the dorms? And it will not cost her NOTHING...What you could do is since the company is already paid for what you could do is everyone who joins you charge them: $5 per month and when it has a large population of subscribers the money collected from it goes to charity...Could you imagine if 2 million people join? that will be: $10 million dollars per month, it will be: $120 million per year that will go to charity or a worthy cause...That's if you like...Can you believe that YOUR brethen living next to you in your country couldn't think of it, just to show you...

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Comment by pumpi76 - November 9, 2009, 3:48 pm
But you see giving it away to charity, they dont necesarily manage things correctly...I'll give you an example...They say they help people and when you go and see, for instant for a particular mission notice that every one who is getting helped is: "VERY SKINNY", tiny details like that...
110 million a year is a lot of money...You know there is someone totally forgotten and that is: albinos & mixed people & midgets & disabled people, & obese people & rare features the forgotten race...Again does the "Red Cross sees this??? No they dont, they are totally blind...I say this because people that dont belong to the category/race i just describe will get a job "QUICKER/EASIER" than they...Again does the "RED CROSS" sees this???They PITCH everything as if it was "EQUAL" as if it HAD THE SAME WEIGHT....
Comment by pumpi76 - November 9, 2009, 7:09 pm
more is known about BIRDS than it is known about humans...mankind call himself the most intelligent beign but there is a great loss of I.Q there...
Comment by pumpi76 - November 9, 2009, 10:05 pm
listen, you might think for what i've done that i must be incredible smart the truth is: you know in the USA it couldn't drive out of state or in the highway i could not drive in a big city i will get lose i am terrible at a driving map the places i've been my family have carried me i am terrible with phones i can't go to the airport by myself let alone book a flight to a different place...cell phones? too terrible for me, people's name terrible at...The places i've been outside of the state i was has been by bus, i find connecting with computer and laptops and all those stuff, complicated, if i had a car and it got messed up on the road i will not know what to do....So if i was to Hit the jackpot i will hire someone to drive for me do all those stuff for me, i could drive in the city i've lived even in the city i used to lived i could not go downtown because was too complicated in fact i've never been downtown in the city i used to live in Georgia...I live here in Panama but i can't drive you can't drive here in Panama the road is too crowded and even if i wanted i could not do it, because everything is complicated i didnt want to say this because i am very embarrased myself...The internet if i was to get disconnected i will not know what to do...Those stuff i mentioned i found them "TOO COMPLICATED"....

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