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I know how to create mass winners of Pick6/52 & PB Jackpots: Got to change the rules a little..


This is an unthought of idea...but you got to change the rules a bit..IS very simple and it has been staring us all in the face...Want to know what is it???

The answer is: QUICK PICKS THAT SELECTS 3 NUMBERS AND YOU SELECT THE OTHER 3 numbers...The reason why people dont win with quick picks is because quick picks selects 6 numbers and go through ALL THE 200 MILLION COMBINATIONS of POWERBALL...if people select 3 numbers and the computer quick pick selects the other 3 numbers there is bound to be more PB & Pick6/54 winners than the average 1 or 2 winners per jackpot...lol..if you do it this way jackpots will not even climb...

It has to be: ONLY 3 numbers AND 3 numbers....It cannot be 2 and 4 or 4 and 2...I am talking you pick3 numbers from 1 combination and the quick picks selects 3 numbers FOR THE SAME COMBINATION....And actually i was talking about you either select the first 3 and the computer selects the last 3 of the same combination...Or the computer selects the first 3 for the same combination and you select the last 3 of the same combination....That's what i meant...IT WILL CREATE MORE WINNERS...

if you do it where you pick 3 numbers any position of the same combination and the computer picks the other 3 numbers in any position IT WILL NOT WORK...

make all the quick picks of the state have this option and there will be more first prize jackpot winners....

not only that but make this the "Only option"...meaning that eliminate the old quick picks...Let this one be the only quick pick form that exist and you will see something...There will be more Jackpot winners everyday...

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