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Senior Citizen Fitness Competition Lotto...


Last Edited: November 14, 2009, 6:08 am

Noticed i said: Senior citizens i didnt' say elderly...Elderly to me is "anciano" when you can't move...

Anyways, how many people love fitness so much that they will like to start a FITNESS LOTTO? i know a lot of you...but you should start first where first you need to start...

This has 2 aspects of it...

Just like a fitness lotto for adult this one is for Senior Citizens....I'll like 30 million of you world wide who will like to do this to each of you chip in: $6 per paycheck for 6 years..$12 a month...It will be: 25.9 billion dollars...Placed in the bank at: 6% it will be: 1 billion 555 million dollars coming your way EVERY SINGLE YEAR...With it you create the Senior Citizen Fitness Competition Lotto, similar to Pick4 but they will be "Accounts" that will be placed in the bank at: 5% or 4% and the interest will work as a Senior Citizen Fitness competition Lotto Jackpot Prize....But they have to compete for it, and after they win they still have to exercise...Many senior citizens dont retire with their dream retirement...So i was thinking:

example suppose in a country the salary of a computer technitian is: $500 a month [again let's assume]...Well in that country you are going to place: $120,000 into banks as account and let the 5% or 4% which will be: $500 a month work as the senior citizens "jackpot prize" the only exception is that they must continue to work out once the win and they got to work out/exercise to win it...Also you will need to create a "SPECIAL" gym for them, not just 1 "SEVERAL"....

Entry #526


Comment by pumpi76 - November 15, 2009, 1:12 am
i apologize is not a lotto is a game...a random game...

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