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To Open YOUR eyes: How much do you plan to pay if someone had a wheel that could win lotto/PB


I dont know if there is a special wheel out there that can win Powerball or any lotto i dont know nor am i going to say that there is none YOU NEVER KNOW..Even if they were YOU WILL NEVER KNOW...You know how women are naive thinking that their guy in the shining armor is going to come and rescue them..Many of you are naive the same way...The exact same way...Sorry to be the one telling it to you like that..But ask yourself HOW MUCH ARE YOU WILLING TO PAY IF YOU FOUND OUT SOMEONE HAD A SPECIAL WHEEL OR SYSTEM TO WIN THE LOTTO/POWERBALL...Stop thinking that your shining armor is going to come and spill out to YOU the secret of how to win the lotto/Powerball...first of all: "WHO ARE YOU"...Sorry to say it but a lot of you are daydreaming...

we live in a system/society where you got to "PAY" for something...When was the last time you heard of the hottest chick coming to you and say: "You can have me for the day"....Dude is a jungle out there...I REPEAT: IS A JUNGLE OUT THERE AND ANYWHERE YOU GO....

YOu heard of Secret societies and all of those...Well if you are a women and you want to win the lotto and you found out that someone or a society had a hot wheel that could win the lotto/Powerball...This is what more than likelily will happen to you...Be ready if you are a women to be a slave sex to a large group of guys for x amount of years or it could be worse be ready to take some illegal drugs that will make you very horny [cocaine whatever] and be very bisexual and get bang by several guys and women at the same time everyday for 2 or 3 years....Dude something you dont see is that the bad guys are always 1 step ahead or comit a crime or do something that will make you spend 1 to 3 years in prison...If you are a guy, be ready be ready to have a sex fest with bunch of gay guys,  or have your wife get enjoyed by other guys for 1 to 2 years in exchange to win Powerball, again open your eyes and be ready...Or be ready to join a secret society...Or be ready to have your wife walk naked in a city for x amount of years...You know where this happens? in Hollywood for big roles, i saw that in a movie...want to know something else i saw in a movie? There was this casinos in las vegas and there was this young guy desperate to crack the casino because of some situation someone approached him and told him, we know the secret how to crack that casino but if you want to join our society you got to take a revolver put 1 bullet on it and play roulette 1 time if you survive you can join our society...If you live outside the USA you might join a street gang who knows...Or if you want to win: 100 million dollars be ready to pay: 30 million for the Powerball winning ticket and after taxes you stay with: 40 million then you pay the 30 million for the PB ticket and you stay with $10 million...AGain just be ready....please..OPEN YOUR EYES....Again please open your eyes...WAKE UP...IS A JUNGLE OUT THERE...Again when was the last time you heard your neighboor who has a SUPERB HOT CHICK AS A WIFE come nocking on your door and say? men i am a good samaritan i want you to have my wife for 5 days in bed...PLEASE YOU ALL WAKE UP...

Again dude "MONEY IS SCARSE....

Remember "Jesus" Story in the bible...That was 2,000 i think years ago, nothing has changed, so PLEASE WAKE UP...

Entry #527


Comment by pumpi76 - November 15, 2009, 7:16 pm
I wish they did partial wheels with keywheels, that they did partial wheels with key wheels [or partial key wheels] dont know if it will work...Partial wheels only experts can do them is not just anyone that can do them...I believe partial wheels have a very good advantage over abbreviated wheels for instance you could use them on Pick4 specially if you see pick4 as a combination game and not a permutation game as seen in my previous blog, if that was the case they could win "MANY" pick4's jackpots as much as they like...

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