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To all English Speaking Countries: Lets make the world speak English


Last Edited: November 19, 2009, 5:06 am

I am talking about the USA, CANADA, England, India, Australia, South Africa & Certain Parts of Africa...I need 200 million people from all of you together...This 200 million people each will chip in: $20 per paycheck for 11 years...It will be: 1 trillion 5.6 billion dollars...Placed in the bank at: 9% it will be: 95 billion dollars coming your way every single year...With those 95 billion dollars they are going to create: "Colleges/Universities" that will "TEACH ENGLISH" FOR FREE...lol...And they are going to place each of this universites in every country "IN THE WORLD".....I was thinking of 10 story building universities...Check out this 10 story buildings they can be used as models...






I was thinking of something that will open 24 hours...If you look at the 3rd link it tells you that that building in the third link costed: 20 million dollars....I was thinking you take an extra 20 million placed it in the bank at: 5% it will be: 1 million dollars coming your way...And with that 1 million dollars coming your way every single year, you hire "ENGLISH "TEACHERS" professors to teach all day 24 hours...constructed all over each country....You may say why not create a regular university, because something i've noticed from watching news everyday is that land in a good place centrical to many will cost a fortune...A regular huge campus university i dont know the price but i'll say will run you like 300 or 400 million dollars to build maybe more and it doesn't include the price to hire professors to teach, while a 10 story building will cost less, take less space allowing the space for parking and with the rest of the money that's left back you can hire LOTS of professors/teachers to work for you 24 hours...If you build a huge university it will not open 24 hours, while this one that i am proposing would be able to be open 24 hours...lol...

Then let the University Building charge $1 a month to all its students...50 cents towards maintenance of the building, electricity, whatever and 50 cents towards security...

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Comment by pumpi76 - November 21, 2009, 11:11 pm
this doesnt go here but i am going to mention it here..Why dont they mix juices with Soda and say: "Well this juice has 30% soda...That way there is more liquid made but i still feel they are too sweet....
Comment by pumpi76 - November 21, 2009, 11:16 pm
if there is more liquid to be made it means that it will be cheaper the drink-juice you will get more bang for your buck...And it will reduce the consumption of Soda...

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