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Attention: If you are working on a System to go after the Lottery


Last Edited: November 20, 2009, 3:48 am

Listen if you are working on a system to go after Pick5 or Pick6, or Powerball...Stop working on systems with individual numbers...Work on a system that will give you: 10 numbers...After you have those 10 numbers you can wheel them and win the jackpot...Stop going after systems that give you only 5 numbers the supposedly 5 winning numbers..Take a system that will give you 10-12 numbers the winning numbers you wheel them and you win...Example let's say you are going after a Pick5/39...Remember when i tell you that must numbers on a Pick5/39 go from 3-36...Well that's 6 numbers less so it will be a Pick5/33...And if you select 10 numbers from those 33 range, it will leave you with 23 numbers left...

Look at the website: lotterywheelsdotcom...They got this wheel: Y5-4-510 22...That guarantees you a 4/5 if 5 in 10 and it comes out to 22 tickets...But i know better wheels that that can be created that will give you 22 tickets also and give you more 4/5's...For like $50 you can get one that will give you 5, 4/5's [i dont know how much i am just saying...And Remember that's 5; 4/5's out of 10 not out of 39...So you have a 50/50 chance of winning the Jackpot...If you miss dont worry because you would have had a system that can give you the winning numbers in 10 numbers possible 12 numbers..That's what you need to work on..Not only that...Remember when i said they are 33 numbers left back, well that's 3's 10 numbers only leave you with 3 numbers left so your job is if you are using 3's 10 number wheel your job is to guaranteed it that all 5 fall in one of the 10 number size wheel and not in between here and there...

Do the same thing with a Pick6 lotto...Select a: 10 number size wheel and you win the lotto..Look at lotterywheelsdotcom they got this wheel: Y6-5-610 number of tickets 18....It means that in 6 are in 10 you get 1 5/6 for a total of 18 tickets and it has 9; 4/6 which pay: $150 dollars...9x $150= $1,350 plus the 5/6 that can pay: $5,000...But i know there are wheels size 10 numbers that will give you a 50/50 chance of winning the jackpot instea of 1/10...Plus you can apply filter from a full wheel size 10 for pick6 or for Pick5...How much does a Pick6, full wheel size 10 comes out to 500 i am sure you can apply filters...I dont remember how much i forgot it since it was a long time ago i did filters...

So what i am saying if you are working on systems work on systems that will give you 10 numbers and dont work on systems that will give you 5 numbers or 6 numbers only...


Also this is another theory...lotterywheelsdot.com has THIS WHEEL: Y4-3-410 for a total of 18 tickets...Is for a Pick4/39 game, it gives you 1; 3/4's and is a size 10 wheel number out of a range of 17 or 22....You know what i was thinking? Remember when i said that Pick4 can be coverted from a permutation game to a combination game?? Well Pick4 "MANY TIMES ALMOST HALF THE DRAWINGS is a Pick4/17 the rest of the drawings is a Pick4/22...So i was thinking...Now this i am not sure but I THINK for the 18 tickets it will give you one 3/4 "straight" NOT BOXED...So all you got to do is play it and you got a 1 in 10 chance of winning Pick4 straight plus of course you got to "CONTAIN" the 4 winning numbers in the group of 10...All you got to do is convert the numbers from a combination game back to a permutation game...Again is a theory because i dont know if it will give it to you "STRAIGHT OR BOXED"....Also if it gives it to you "Straight" the time will come when you win it before the 6 months are up you will win it and you can continue trying and before you know it you got the same Jackpot as a Pick5/39 without the hassle, less combination and less sweating...

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x1kosmicComment by x1kosmic - November 20, 2009, 10:22 am
That's exactly what I've been doing lately,   Get 10 or 12 numbers together, and wheel them
   I most always get 3 outta 5. or 3 outta 6.
And if I can break the 4 outta 6 barrier, it would happen more than once. (for that draw)
   I like LotteryPost's abbreviated wheels,   and Lotto-Logix has some outstanding ones for minimal cost.
Comment by pumpi76 - November 21, 2009, 2:11 am
This doesnt go here but i am mentioning it here just so you all read it...YOu know despite that we can recreate the lotto and create other lotto do you know 3 things i'll like to do...Recreate the Stock Market, create a stock market that is bussuling just like the USA stock market but dont make it as complicated as the stock market and make it accessible to EVERYONE cut the bureacracy, think about it this way...Rich people having the stock market and the common people having their own thing, their own stock market...Again not everybody likes numbers and by that i mean is hard tracking the movement of numbers while the stock market you got to track the movement of a graph...but for it to happen there's got to be "una fuente" de ingresos which is the earned interest from banks...Something else that needs to be done is the "HOUSE STOCK EXCHANGE" which i "STILL" dont know how is going to work...And a VOLUNTEERING" stock exchange...
Comment by pumpi76 - November 21, 2009, 2:21 am
a Mathematics Exchange will be IMPRESSIVE...And there is something i am telling you from now you are going to need a Lot of stock exchanges different kinds, WHY? BECAUSE THE GLOBAL POPULATION IS INCREASING, every country's population is increasing and besides the lottery Stock Exchanges generate "fuentes de ingresos" to the government...
Comment by pumpi76 - November 21, 2009, 2:37 am
Also, you know remember when i said on Lotterypost that what if Powerball was like a weighing scale...It will be impossible to win but we can use that to our advantage in our quest to make the lotto resemble a stock exchange what gave me this idea was the forex because something tells me that the forex works the same way as a wheighing scale...What if we make the lottery be like a weighing scale but it has way less combination and makes multiple winners something like a Pick4/15 that that it has multiple winners and works like a weighing scale...If you look at it the stock market works like a weighing scale lotto because like a lotto it has winners and losers and like a weighin scale whatever happens some where else in a different country can affect what occurs in the stock market, well similar on a weighing scale lotto whatever combination someone plays in a different state it will affect the out put of the final winning combination....The only thing it can't imitate is the slowing down of whatever caused it to change, when there is a news that changes the stock market it last for hours or days while on the lotto someone is constantly playing a combination somewhere in the particular state/country...not only that a stock market graph is big and slower while the lottery is small meaning the numbers and it occurs faster....
Comment by pumpi76 - November 21, 2009, 2:42 am
what if pick4 is a weighing scale meaning each combination carries a specific weight and people bet on what is going to be the particular weight at a particular given time...What if "EACH NUMBER" of the Pick4 carries a particular weight this way the Pick4 can be shrinked to Pick4/10...

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