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"Mutated strain of H1N1 virus detected in US and Norway


Interesting info, take it for what it's worth.  Have not verified either article with any news source.


"Mutated strain of H1N1 virus detected in US and Norway

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Friday, November 20, 2009

"Health officials in both the United States and Norway have confirmed the presence of a mutated strain of the H1N1, swine flu virus in several patients in the countries. The mutation is resistant to current treatments for H1N1 such as tamiflu, oseltamivir and zanamivir.

At least three patients in Norway were confirmed to have the mutated strain of H1N1, with two of the cases being fatal. Health officials say the three cases are not related and isolated from one another.

At least four new cases of the mutation were detected in patients at Duke University Medical Center in North Carolina. Three of the four cases were fatal. Two prior cases of the mutation in the same state, were reported in the Summer of 2008. Health officials say none of the cases are related.

Director of the Center for Disease Control's Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, Anne Schuchat says the cases are appearing in the U.S. "sporadically."

"It's just too soon for us to say what this is going to mean long term. It's an important finding for the influenza virologists, and they're looking into it. [The mutation] has no implications for how good the match of the vaccine is and no implications for treatment with antiviral medicine," said Schuchat during a press conference.

Health officials in other countries such as Mexico, China, Japan, Ukraine and Brazil, also report cases of the mutation."


From a blog, have not confirmed this through a news source, no source for this posting cited.


Wednesday, 18 November 2009 19:40

News - Highlighted News

"Reports are coming in of people dying of symptoms similar to the pneunomic plague in an Emergency Room in Bialystok in the north east of Poland.

A doctor reported treating three patients with symptoms similar to the pneumonic plague, including burned lungs. One the patients died in his arms. The doctor said that it appeared be a bacterial infection and that no antibiotics worked. He also thought it could be a more virulent strain of the swine flu.

The victims came from small villages close to Bialystok.

Low flying aircraft were heard in the region a few nights ago.

Cases similar to the pneumonic plague have also be reported in Lithuania, close to the Polish border and to Bialystok.

The appearance of something resembling the pneumonic plague in Poland shortly after low flying aircraft made carried out unexplained missions during the night time in the same area has parallels with the recent incident in the Ukraine.

Witnesses reported low flying planes carrying out aerosol spraying shortly before the pneumonic plague was diagnosed in victims a few days later.

The Ukrainian government and WHO moved swiftly to declare the swine flu virus had mutated to become more dangerous and implement martial law.

This is an email from Poland:

My friend a doctor who works in Emergency Room in Bialystok (Eastern North of Poland) called me saying that he had 3 cases of patients with symptoms similar to the pneumonic plague. "If it is h1n1, so it means that it has changed for very virulent form and it kills in matter of hours". One patient died in his hands. I do not know what happened to other two. He is going to inform me how's the situation, but he expects it to get much worse. No antibiotic works for the disease! "


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