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The Purpose of Life...Part2...


Last Edited: November 26, 2009, 4:02 am

I said this before and i will say it again...The purpose of life it may look like 1 guy surrounded by 100 stud women having them all for yourself in a huge mansion without no kids and a private jet or if you are a women been surrounded by 200 georgeous guys forming line to have sex with you for days and weeks on end in a huge mansion been filthy rich...Want to know something...It may appear that way...But is not....

The purpose of life is to think about science, figure out stuff in science make breakthroughs, engaging in new research, figuring out nature and the universe, advancing, gaining knowledge, bettering this world, finding ways to get us out of this planet once it dies and later getting us out of this universe into another universe if that means that we ourselves got to create a new universe, solving problems, working on problems, combating the war you act like we are not constantly at war, helping others less fortunate [this one we will always need it as long as we have kids], fighting problems, working on technology, thinking and thinking and more thinking see how we can create new things, invent new things, find the fountain of youth, solve all of the world's diseases/conditions, be mathematics crazed, you act like this universe cares who we are, liking one another or working on it, global peace, fighting poverty, gaining knowledge, exploring knowledge, advancing, discovering the secrets of the universe, figuring out ways to find out if heavens exist, terraforming other planets, science-fiction [many times is what leads to discovery], caring for the planet, exploring, learning the psychology/behavior of many things, getting along, the movie Red Planet, fitness, working on important things for humanity or having a job that is important to humanity [i listen them already on 3 or 4 blogs previous to this one] and some other things,....That's the purpose of life...after you have done all this things, then if you like you can research for a pill that will make man have sex and either have multiple orgasm for days or hold the orgasm for hours possibly 1 day before ejaculating...Then you can engage in a party forever but before then there is no party "DESPITE" that having 100 stud women and having multiple orgasms forever "IS NOT A PARTY" it may appear that way but is only an illusion....Even though everytime you see the girl in celeste shorts or anybody similar it just makes you want to tie her in chains and hire 20,000 guys to form line and enjoy her sexually...Dude i understand, is like someone was pushing you to fight but you dont want to fight that person...The ironic thing is that if you got into a fight with the girl in celeste short sexually you will end up losing...lol...But i understand....is like it was a busca pleito..That because women are "FREAKS OF NATURE" by nature...They are like an beautiful art design that is irressistable as though it was a drug...And dont forget that man by nature is always horny because that's our nature but it doesnt last that long...Dont forget that...And please dont forget, that we are always at war in this world and we will always be at war and that there is another war going on with the universe and that we will always be at war with the universe also...And give thanks that our horniness doesnt last that long because otherwise that's all we will think of and we will not focus on other things we will forget everything if that was the case people wouldnt want to go to college or go to work they will stay in their home getting sexually high...

no the purpose of life is not studying bussiness or art or music or law, or any of that stuff...

and please have sympathy on teenagers and young adults from age 18-25 because they are more horny than the rest of us...You see they see teenagers or young adults of that ages as hot now imagine how they see older women/men who have more meat on them and look like a studded fat pig...We are all horny every 5 minutes but they are a little bit more than the rest of us and their vision is more "augmented" and the shorter he is the more augmented is his/her vision....A teenager or young adult age 18-25 the shorter he is the more sexually high he is and the skinnier he is the more sexually high he is or more they want to take over the world sexually whether is a male or female he/she may not display it but is the true....Think of them as the men/women on fire...Also i can't remember from my time in colleges but if he/she is left handed it will be even more augmented i think is the other side of the brain that is a little more sexually unrestraint than the other....And if that teenager or young adult is darker very darker skin tone wise is even worse...Also i am not sure how correct i am on this one but if that teenager/young adult lives in a colder region it wll be even worse and the reason is that is cold all the time which restricts the stuff you do, your everyday life which will make you little by little just think of one thing and that will be sex...

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