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1 Million People per each country making a difference: Small problems taken care of


Let: 1 million people who will like to do this to each chip in: $10 per paycheck for for 2 years...It will be: 480 million dollars...Placed in the bank at: 5% it will be: 24 million dollars coming your way every single year...You hold it for 3 years...It will be: 72 million dollars...Then you take the 480 million dollars and return it to their respective donors...They got their money back after 3 years...With the 72 million dollars you place it in the bank at: 5% it will be: 3.6 million dollars coming your way every single year...With it you use it for important stuff needed in the particular country whose cost range from: $50,000 up to $3 million dollars....And little by little you begin to take care of small problems...

Entry #553


Comment by pumpi76 - December 1, 2009, 5:53 am
This doesnt' go here but i am going to mention it here just so you know..We can get money place it in the bank and let it pay fat people to work out to lose weight but that will not cure obesity...I dont know but i am starting to think that the stationary bicycle is "IT" is "THE MACHINE"...but it still needs to be worked on, improved and get cheaper...I think this is a superb "Strategy to combat obesity" start when they are very skinny and young...If a person makes it a habit to exercise all the time they could eat and not gain weight...I suggest get people when they are very lean let them buy themselves that tv that cisco systems have or a webcam but a different webcam a bigger webcam that can see everything...Then they got a security guy/girl on a tv monitor watching hundreds of webcams at the same time that are feeding to him like a control tv pannel but this control tv pannel records for how long each person has been on the exercise bike & how many times a week [not all of them will be on at the same time] [i partly owe this idea to the cnn show backstories]...Well all this people turn on their cisco tv or huge webcam and they begin to use the exercise/stationary bike for 25 minutes all this while they are skinny and young for 3 times a week...Then they get a: $50 or $100 dollar check a month in the mail...It could pay the phone bill or heating bill, or cable bill or light bill, or debt/credit card bill...Kind of like a Pick3 paying job...And they can do it at "ANY TIME OF THE DAY even at 3am because is a stationary bicycle as oppose to a threadmill where it takes more space and you can't use it at: 3am in the morning]...And this way you "PREVENT" people from getting fat and they will be able to eat a lot of stuff...This way you are preventing fatness from occurring. Specially if you look at parents bodies frames. If you let them get fat and then you pay them to work out it will be more difficult. But i have to admit not just the excercise bike, but the sauna twin belt, the ab tronic belt and the platform that make you shake a lot. All this while they are very skinny and young...

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