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How to Make: $1,500 a month: Online Typing Program: 50 cents a month or cell phone class


Last Edited: November 30, 2009, 1:29 pm


You know how people place video games on the internet and charge like $5.00 a month...Well what if you write yourself a typiing class program and create a "Typing" game but where people learn to type with your typing program and you charge people: 50 cents or $1.00 a month...You can create 1 game bussines of this per each country...

You get: 1,500 players each paying $1.00 a month and you make: $1,500 dollars a month as a side job...People can send you money orders or whatever...You know the typing program cost like $20 bucks, while if you charge them $1.00 a month or 50 cents at 50 cents that's 4 years worth of subscription that comes out to 24 dollars cheaper than $20, and in 4 years you already know how to type...Also this is not trying to compete with the typing program just that you are offering your service on the internet, if you get so many people you can even lower the price to 25 cents...

guys i am not trying to compete with anybody i am just trying to help someone have a job or bussiness...

And if for some reason they already have them cheaper or for free typing programs  you get yourself: 2,000 subscribers and charge: 5 cents...2,000 x 5 cents a month equals: 100 dollars a month..100 dollars a month that can pay the Light bill or phone bill, or water bill...you know $100 dollars a month x 50 countries = "A LARGE CHECK...


Something else you can do is give a class how to use cell phones particular make or model cell phones or a phone line where people call you with questions how to do a particular thing with their cell phone and if they can't get it to work you go to where they live and either activate it, clear the function or do what they couldn't do with the cell phone...Or you can create a TV video with graphics and video showing and explaining how to use the cell phones sell it for $2 or whatever...Fixing cell phones you will make you a ton of money also...


How about a cell phone that you dont have to puch in the numbers how about a cell phone that you talk to it and it automatically makes the call or looks for something or do everything by the command of your voice...

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