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Fat People of the World..A Call to your hearts...


I dont know how many fat people there are in the world but i do know that there's got to obe at least: 500 million fat people around the world...This is what i need you all to do..

I need 500 million fat people...Each one to chip in: $33 per paycheck for 11 years [it has to be 11 years and $33 it can't be less]...It will be: 4 trillion 356 billion dollars...Placed in the bank at: 9% it will be: 392 billion dollars 40 million dollars coming your way every single year...You hold it for 7 years: it will be: 2 trillion 744 billion 280 million dollars accumulated...Added to the 4 trillion 356 billion dollars and it will be: 7.1 trillion dollars with 280 million dollars...Placed in the bank at: 9% it will be: 639 billion coming to you EVERY SINGLE YEAR...With 25 million as change...Now suppose that you took the 639 billion dollars and you was to pay 500 a month/$6,000 a year to fat people to work out/exercise to lose weight??Do you know how many people will be employed? the answer is: $100 million people...Notice something: From 500 million people that chip in: 100 million fat people got employed...It will be the world's Third biggest employer...You know to offer people a job and reduce global obesity...

and the 100 million people work out everyday with weekends off and they lose weight...But i was thinking what if this job is for 5 years...Then after 5 years others get the job...At that rate in 10 years if everything goes o.k 200 million fat people worldwide will lose weight....

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Comment by pumpi76 - December 13, 2009, 11:39 pm
this doesnt go here but i am going to mention it here...If you have been following everything i said: Remember that i told you i had 10 dreams come true in 1 night...Well they actually were 10 dreams come true in 1 year...I´ve been very lazy to correct the mistake and now i cant find the blog is somewhere there among many others..I can pledge that i wrote that it was in 1 year and someone changed it to 1 night but you will not believe me...

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