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To Atheist as well as believers: A call to your heart: Appreciation Week..


I feel we should do this...Every 5 years or every 10 years or every 20 years i'll like for 100 million people or 200 million people half atheist half believers...To all of you go to a high mountain and throw in a pile [by the way i want the perimeter of that area well secured], and i want you all to throw in a huge pile the size of a mountain something very valuable that you have, it could be your hair, diamond ring, a bmw car, $5,000 check, etc...whatever it is...Is not going to be your most valuable just something valuable.. and you are going to throw it in this pile...And you are going to do this every 5 years or every 10 years or every 20 years..and you are going to pour gasoline...And you are going to burn it or demolish it/cut it up in small pieces...And as this huge pile is getting burn all of you all are going to form a circle whether near or far from the place and hold hands and you are going to say: THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU over and over until the mountain pile is cutted up/demolished/burnt whatever...

And this is to show some appreciation...To the atheist is to show appreciation to the Universe or Atom for been on this earth and for this earth to been here...To the believers is to show God some appreciation for been here and for this earth been here...

Dude that idea that you are somehow a supreme beign is totally ridiculous is totally outrageous...

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Comment by pumpi76 - December 1, 2009, 4:13 pm
Since we are talking about the universe i am going to mention this here...is been in my mind for like 8 or 9 years...Einstein said that nothing can travel faster or at the speed of light that if it did it wil gain incredible mass, a mass so large that it will be ridiculous...Well isnt the universe expanding and enlarging gaining mass all the time...What if the universe was a photon of light or a spaceship or a dot travelling at the speed of light it will account for the universe expanding gaining mass...I dont know is just something that has been in my mind for years...

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