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112 million a year forever: Regional Provinces Competition: Pork Goodies..


Last Edited: December 2, 2009, 1:31 pm

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a "Continental Competition Pork Goodies" where provinces from that continent or region compete every month whether is by soccer, video games simulations, lotto, or another sport they all compete to get: 60 million dollars a year forever; theoretically speaking it could be done???

I think there are 5 continents...I am asking all: 8 billion people from around the world to all of them to chip in: $2 a paycheck for 5 years..It will be: 1.920 trillion dollars...Divided by 5 continents it will be: 384 billion dollars per continent...

384 billion placed in the bank at: 7% it will be: 26.9 billion coming your way every single year...Divided by: 12 months equals: 2.24 billion per month...You can then do either 2 things...You create a "CONTINENTAL PROVINCIAL SPORT OR LOTTO OR SIMULATION OR GAME OR OLYMPICS COMPETITION per month where the province winner will win: 2.26 billion dollars that will be placed in the bank at: 5% and it will be: 112 million dollars going to that province every single year forever...Or you can divide the 5 continents in 2 and there is 1.13 billion per month and the province winner will win: 50 million every year forever..Is up to you...Remember this is PER CONTINENT...

And there will be 1 province winner "EVERY MONTH" PER CONTINENT...In each continent each country's province will play against other countries provinces...And I know some continents got more provinces than others and you can always carry some countries from some continents into another continent with less provinces to make it even, to even it out...

again do you see what you are missing because your retarded bank can't handle too much pressure and is outdated...

you know something i think the movie: "Contact" with Jodie Foster was talking about this...Notice that the machine looks like a lottery machine and noticed the Hittler transmission when it says: "LET THE GAMES BEGIN"...

for $3 a paycheck or $6 a month for 5 years instead of $2 per paycheck the province winner will ge: 166 million dollars every year forever instead of $112 million...

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