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"Obama for World President?


Two excellent articles. 


"Insanity: Doing The Same Thing (Obama)
The Market Ticker
Wednesday, December 9. 2009
Posted by Karl Denninger in Macro Economics at 08:28



"Obama for World President?
by David Gutmann
Source Front Page Magazine
"Rookie Democratic congressmen are reportedly afraid that Obama will stubbornly press ahead with his unpopular plans for Health Reform, even if they, his unwilling Kamikazes, get voted out of office in 2010 as a result.  As a dedicated Obama watcher, I for one am not surprised by this development. In fact, I am now betting even money that our president is not particularly concerned about his own re-election in 2012, and that he will enact as many of his programs in health reform, energy conservation, arms reduction and income redistribution as he can before his current term expires, and then try for higher goals. My hunch is that he is already getting restless in his present job, and that he seeks a promotion to an even greater status.

My sensitivities, sharpened by years of Obama watching, take note of the following pieces of evidence, and have gone to Condition Red:

Obama’s seeming restlessness is a matter of record. Until recently he was routinely charged with throwing outworn sponsors, including his old mentor the Rev. Wright, “under the bus.” And as a Chicago politician, he used wealthy, influential backers (mainly women), discarding them as better prospects hove into view.

Just four years ago he was a backbencher in the Illinois legislature, but since then he has served a partial term in the U.S. Senate, where he spent most of his tenure campaigning for the next giant step in his upward mobility, to the Oval Office. He has never in any office run for re-election, but has instead used any current position as a boost platform for his next installation.

Observers of his presidency have been puzzled by the continuing pattern: Obama is still in campaign mode, spending a good deal of time giving major policy speeches, not only in the states, but around the globe. “What office is he running for now?” One can ask.

Tackling that question, we note that Obama is an enormously ambitious, audacious man, and – as his gritty record in Chicago politics demonstrates – an enormously competitive and at times ruthless one. Coupled with his formidable intelligence, plus the evident grandiosity revealed most blatantly in his victory speech after winning the Democratic nomination, (“This is the night when the oceans start to recede”), we glimpse a personality constellation that we have known before, notably in Alexander the Great and Napoleon Bonaparte: that of the would-be world conqueror.

If this is indeed Obama’s fantasy, then it is shared by a sizeable portion of the world’s population: a poll taken in Sept. ’09 by the BBC indicated , at that time, that a large proportion of the global sample favored Obama as world president; and my Google search of “Obama, world President,” turns up more than120, 000,000 posts.

So here is my answer to questions concerning Obama’s electoral ambitions: he aims to fill an as yet unformed position, that of World President, and  – as in the past – he uses his current presidency as a launching pad toward that more grandiose goal.

Barack Hussein Obama was raised abroad, and – possibly for global electioneering purposes – he keeps his foreign name. In addition, it becomes increasingly evident that our exotic president has bought into the alien, Third-World view of the US as a dangerous bully: a prime source of pollution, a nation too powerful, and too undisciplined in the use of power, and as such a leading danger to Humanity. Thus, campaigning as the “Good American,” Obama apologizes around the world for America’s sins, he genuflects before Saudi and Chinese tyrants, he negotiates with our sworn enemies while down-grading our allies, he weakens the U.S. militarily and economically while permitting the Iranians to construct nukes, and he builds up the prestige of the heretofore discredited, America-bashing UN.

This is the Audacity of Defeat: Obama is engaged in a redistribution of power, though now on a global rather than a domestic scale. Thus, he gives away pieces of America’s prestige, in his eyes to detoxify it, and to build up the as yet unrealized world coalition that he hopes one day to lead.

As Napoleon discovered in the snows of the Russian winter, grandiose dreams of world dominion are never realized. However, those who pursue that hectic fantasy can cause terrible trouble before they are stopped. In this age of proliferating nukes, we cannot afford such dreamers. This should be the winter of Obama’s discontent."

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JAP69Comment by JAP69 - December 12, 2009, 6:24 pm
He has been on the world campaign trail since he was sworn in.
emilygComment by emilyg - December 12, 2009, 7:15 pm
King of the World.
konaneComment by konane - December 12, 2009, 7:50 pm
Thanks JAP! Yes indeed he has. Sad Obama's treating America's like the proverbial 'red-headed step child' when it's been our government which has NOT represented the heart of our people for several decades.

He's the figurehead of the group that's been the problem so he might want to rethink who to moon.
konaneComment by konane - December 12, 2009, 7:52 pm
Thanks Em! Takes one of those monstrous mining trucks to haul around his gargantuan ego.
Rick GComment by Rick G - December 13, 2009, 11:52 am
He was hand-picked and groomed by his globalist masters to become the world's first King. The undeserved Nobel Peace Prize and unprecedented seat on the UN Security Council are indicators of this intention. He is to be the salesman for their agenda and in return, he gets to be crowned.

However, the goal of the globalists is world govt., with Obama or not. In order to do that the US must be taken down. With yesterday's admonishment to the banksters, we are reminded of other presidents who tried to usurp the banksters. There is a bounty of correlating symbology tying him to these same past presidents. History is constantly repeating itself, each time with only cosmetic variations. No need to spell that out.

As far as being an apologist for the US, the US has a lot to apologize for. When it took the mantle of leader of the free world, there were certain moral obligations that came with the assignment which we have ignored for our own self-interest. But that is not relevant, the bottom line being to destroy the US (esp. in the court of world opinion) and a US president is in the ultimate position to do that.

The biggest crime that is being committed by our "establishment" and going unpunished is treason. Treason laws were included in the Constitution (with harsh punishment) because our forefathers knew this was the easiest way to destroy a country, from within.
konaneComment by konane - December 13, 2009, 9:04 pm
Thanks Rick! Absolutely brilliant assessment of what's happened in slow motion before our very eyes.

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