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To countries with 100 Million+ people(Mexico, Japan, Indonesia,etc) if you want to feel like the USA


Last Edited: December 15, 2009, 8:02 pm

This is a call to the hearts of countries like: Mexico, Nigeria, Japan, Indonesia, Phillipines, Germany, Brazil, Russia, Ethiopia, etc, countries that got 100 million+ population if you want to feel like the USA i got something for you...Listen i am from Panama and the 2 major FOUNTAINS of ¨INGRESOS¨ to the government of Panama is the Lottery, & the National Airport, there is another one but i dont want to spill out my country´s bussiness...

The fountain that generates the most to the country is the lottery, it generates: 500 million a year...And i am thinking, There are countries in the world that have less than 2 million people or less than 1 million people (They tend to be very small in size) and many of them it will not surprise me if they only had 1 fountain of ingresos, I REPEAT, 1 FOUNTAIN OF INGRESOS...Like the country of Aruba and others for example..There are several maybe a bunch of them around...They have to have a geographically small area...Many of this countries it will not surprise me if the lottery was the: ¨ONLY¨ Fountain of ¨ingresos¨ to the country and because they have less population it will not surprise me if their lottery revenue is less than: 300 million a year or 200 million a year...

Now Mexico, Japan and the other countries that got: 100 million+ population you have an advantage you got more people...This is what i am asking...I am asking that each one of you make 100 million people chip in: 50 cents a month, for 3.3 years...It will be almost: 2 billion dollars...Placed in the bank at: 5% it will be 100 million dollars coming to 1 of these small countries with small population every year...And let this 100 million dollars a year be the fountain of: ¨income/ingresos¨ to this geographically small countries with small population...After all what does it cost you: 50 cents a month...

And i was thinking you can do this every 5 years or every 10 years and if you like you can have this small countries: ¨COMPETE¨ for it, you know as in soccer competition or sport events competitions...

And this way they will have a FOUNTAIN of ingresos/income to that government...Maybe not as big as the main one however yet a fountain...

This is only if you want to feel like the USA..

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