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2 Ways to Simulate the Scratchoff Scenario: Save $200 billion worth of gas money Annually in USA


People dont think about it but let's say that in the entire USA there is 100 billion scratchoff tickets been sold on the gas stations or grocery store all around the USA every year...By you leaving your house in your car, you just wasted: $2 worth of gas to go to that grocery store or gas station to buy that scractchoff....Now Replicate that: 100 billion tickets/times = $200 billion dollars of gas money just wasted EVERY SINGLE YEAR...One thing is for sure..It sure can pay for the Irak War...

There are 2 ways to replace scratchoffs...I am going to go with the most common one...

Remember the memory card game done with a full deck of cards...Imagine if you was to take a full deck of cards and you was to lay them out with the numbers facing the floor? Now imagine that you had a 10 million of those deck of cards lay out and it was showing on a screen, where it is connected to people's own tv and they with a remote control move the stick around and pick which one they wanted or they just mention the name of the location kind of like microsoft excel where you mention L20 or whatever....And it could be compartmentalized by your location...And it feeds to your tv and you just pay it or buy a pre-paid card in the gas station and play it on your home TV [like a channel: you know with $200 billion a year you sure can buy a channel and yes i said billions]...By this the USA just saved: $200 billion dollars a year...

This other way is more cruel but it still can replace scratchoffs and it will work just like scratchoffs but you dont get to save: $200 billion dollars a year worth of gas money...

Is by creating a lotto that reacts to you...Meaning a lotto where you punch in the numbers and it makes a drawing right there and if you win at that instant you win whatever amount...


It doesnt have to be a deck of cards it can be a giant yig-saw puzzle or a giant landscape with footsteps coordinates location...And people can see the ones that have been flipped out already...You may say? what about the rolls overstocking...That occurs because in a grocery store it doesnt fit all the scratchoff tickets if it did there will not be new rolls stocking...

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