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People of the World: You NEVER know: The SUN Research & Simulations


Last Edited: December 23, 2009, 11:16 pm

I got this idea from the Discovery channel...Scientists say that the Sun will go out in: 4 billion years cant remember if it was 3 or 4 billion years...THE THING IS: is just an estimate, they dont know the exact minute and second that is going to go out...More money has been dumped towards finding little green man, then the yellow water called the Sun...Not only that dude we are SO close to the sun and we dont know what is going on inside of it...We only have like 100 or 200 years of scientific advancement and modernization...Dude I WILL HATE to see that in the day of tomorrow or sometimes in the future the sun sort of have a HICK UP OR A BAD DAY, or feels like stretching and bursting a little or send us one of his: ¨whip¨ OR LATIGAZOS our way and CUTTING THE EARTH IN 2 OR SOMETHING OR Nuclear bombs going on in the SUN and those nuclear bombs reaching us...After all you know that the Sun is like 100 billion nuclear bombs going off every second or something like that...Dude and i will hate to see that because we dedicated more time to the stock market or how fish EAT, YEAT EAT, than that that is staring us in the face every day and night yes night too...Why because there is no sun simulation etc...Dude i will HATE to see our ATMOSPHERE gone because the sun just send us un: LATIGAZO..Because the sun just whipped us...

Dude i will hate, i will hate, i will hate to see that...I will hate to see: AlQuaida without a: ROOF even though they behave bad...I will hate to see that because WE DIDNT DO NO SUN SIMULATIONS...Dude i DONT CARE if a scientist is EINSTEIN about the behavior of the sun...You create as much studying association and simulations associations...I dont care if there is: 10 trillion different scenarios YOU DO THOSE SIMULATIONS....All those humans that you see without jobs, or walking the streets without jobs...DOGARN USE THEM...Train them and put them to do simulations and studying...ALL THOSE SPERMS in people´s scrotum all those ovums not born yet, put them to work doing this provide them with jobs...Just remember something...The Sun is more important than curing: POVERTY is more important than the ENTIRE USA, MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE G8 MORE important than all of EUROPE...And is been there right under your NOSES...For crying out loud if it wasnt for the sun you will not be able to see the plate of food infront of you...You only have like 40 years of looking into the cosmos...40 years...Divide 4 billion years by 40 years...It will be like: 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000


Again I WILL HATE to see that day just because you didnt get SUN INSURANCE...

Anyways i am proposing that: 1 billion people each chip in: $30 a paycheck for 9 years...It will be: 6.5 trillion dollars...Placed in the bank at: 9% it will be: 583 billion dollars coming to you every year...Then you are going to hold it for 4 years and it will be: 8.5 trillion dollars...Placed in the bank AGAIN at: 9% it will be: 765 billion dollars coming to you every single year....With it you are going to create the SUN STUDYING AND SIMULATION ASSOCIATION and they are going to buy themselves A LOT OF supercomputers and they are going to simulate and simulate and simulate raise to the 40th power and still simulate and study...Dude you say you LOVE your daughter or your extremely georgeous wife, or your mother...Well dude it ALL could be gone of your hands in a second...And you are going to hire people as MUCH as you can everywhere, people laying on the streets without a job/home you are going to hire them DUDE IF YOU CAN HIRE THE ENTIRE WORLD YOU WILL DO SO, educate them, give them scholarships and put them to work for this job...Again dude i will hate to see that day...

Dude i dont care if you have to simulate the atoms, protons, neutrons, alpha particules of the SUN YOU DOGARN....... DO THAT...

Entry #591


Comment by pumpi76 - December 24, 2009, 8:17 pm
And please make mankind get something in his/her head...Tell him to stop relying on the future thinking he has: 4 billion years to do it, it is not enough time...Listen modernization and advancement only occurs at such a speed plus he is working with half his side, man is not a COMPLETE BEIGN...He has a weaker side, tell him to work on his weaker side and tell him to start moving, start advancing and not only he is a: half man but but there is war and there will always be war...

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