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Men of the World: A Call to your hearts: Global Male Fitness Army for the price of a car insurance


Last Edited: December 25, 2009, 4:04 pm

                                     I said i wasnt going to write this, but i am and the ONLY reason why i am doing this is because mankind even thought it has plenty of time before the planet is destroy again even though he has plenty of time, a man is really a HALF MAN, plus if you take into account that he spends, 6 HOURS BEEN FULL BY EATING, 9 hours sleeping, married with kids, obesity is rampant and few guys who get obesity lose weight and live to tell the story, plus at age: 40 is when the prostate testing scenario is when is takes place, plus there is war, plus is like 60% or 65% of the world is in cold climate, plus there is a chance the planet might emerge into a cold age, plus there is the tv addiction that has all the world under its feet, and plus i was a pre-med student, plus high blood pressure gives anyone at any minute that by the time you are 30 you are bound to have it, high blood sugar the same thing, etc...

So basically i am doing something against my will...This is not for now but for decades or centuries to come....

I´ll like: 1 billion men around the world...You are talking about the number for crying out loud is not for now....This little sacrifice will take care for generations to come...

I´ll like 1 billion men around the world to each one chip in: $60 a paycheck for: 16 years..It will be: 23.04 trillion dollars...Placed in the bank at: 9% it will be: 2.07 trillion dollars coming to you every year...You hold it for 4 years and it will be: 8.3 trillion dollars...and you add it to the 23.04 trillion dollars and it will be: 31.34 trillion dollars...And the 1 billion men continue to chip in: $60 a paycheck for 4 years after the 16 years make it a total of: 20 years...It will be: 5 trillion 760 billion dollars...Added to the: 31.34 trillion dollars it will be: 36.8 trillion dollars total...All those 36.8 trillion dollars placed in the bank at: 9% it will be: 3.31 trillion dollars coming to you EVERY SINGLE YEAR...With it you are going to use it to create the: ¨GLOBAL MEN FITNESS ARMY¨....For instance if those 3.31 trillion dollars where to each pay men: $500 in a different country where the cost of living is low if it was to pay them: $500 a month, there will be: 586 MILLION MEN WORKING OUT EVERYDAY AS THEIR SOLE JOB...

After most men have a chip on their shoulders thinking they are this and they are that...Cut the chit chat and prove it...For you all talk so much SH....

And this men are going to be paid to do nothing but work out/exercise...But they are not going to exercise all day they are going to go about their bussiness and go to work but they will also work out...This will provide jobs...

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