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Women of the world: Another Project: Impotence Research Center & Limbless Center


Last Edited: December 25, 2009, 8:00 pm

Women of the world...Listen NO MAN should have to treated like that with IMPOTENCE..No man should have to go through that...You talk stuff because women dont suffer from impotence...

Anyways i need the 3.5 billion women to each chip in: 10 cents a paycheck for 3 year...It will be: 25.2 billion dollars..Placed in the bank at: 6% it will be: 1.5 BILLION dollars coming to you every single year...With it you are going to choose 1 country in the world to be la sede of the: ¨IMPOTENCE RESEARCH CENTER¨....The first year you are going to construct a building and that building world wide is going to be known as the: ¨IMPOTENCE RESEARCH BUILDING¨....

This is a nice Picture of a building is a nice model for the GLOBAL IMPOTENCE RESEARCH BUILDING:


Along side of this building you are going to create like a HUGE MALL but is going to be a medical facility...The building is also going to be a medical facility...

And you are going to select: 1 country in the entire world for it to be the center stage building....

Then you are going to take: 10 cents from the 3.5 billion women in the world every paycheck for 3 years and is also going to be: 25.2 billion dollars which is going to be placed in the bank at: 6% and it will be: 1.5 billion dollars coming your way every single year...We it you are going to pick 1 country in the world and that country is going to be la sede of the: ¨LIMBLESS RESEARCH CENTER¨....This is a little different from other limbless research centers because this will cover only people that dont have 2 legs or 3 limbs missing or 4 limbs missing....If you have 1 limb missing you will NOT qualified for this center...Dude been limbless no man should have to go through that...

There are diseases that if you have them is understandable but there are diseases that NOBODY SHOULD HAVE and this is 1 of them...Being blind is another one...

This is a nice Picture of a building is a nice model for the GLOBAL LIMBLESS RESEARCH CENTER:


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