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Pick 3 VTRAC / Neighbors Excel Program - Part 2


Last Edited: December 26, 2009, 1:09 pm

Now that you downloaded the zip file and unzipped the 4 Excel files into the folder you named "Pick3NeighborSystem" I will explain how the Excel files work.

There are 4 Excel files:

1.  "P3StateDraws" - this Excel file has all the drawings of all the States and Canadian Midday, Evening, and Combined drawings.

2.  "Pick3Neighbors" - this Excel file will calculate "Neighbors" digits similar to VTRAC digits.  (See previous Blog post on Neighbor Digits)

3.  "Pick3VTRAC" - this Excel file will calculate "VTRAC" digits. (for more information about VTRACs see PERDUE's post in the Systems forum. VTRAC For Dummies)

4.  "StateToolbars" - this Excel file has all the Toolbars for each state and Canadian draws.  There are 3 Tabs at the bottom "MiddayStates", "CombinedStates", and "EveningStates"


For this Program to work correctly you will need have all 4 Excel files open. 

Open any one of the 4 Excel files listed below.  Once you have 1 of the above Excel files above opened just go to the Main Menu (Top) and choose File > Open then browse to the folder "Pick3NeighborSystem" and select any one of the remaining Excel files from the list above.  Follow the same procedure until all 4 Excel files are open.

Once you have all 4 Excel files open we want to use the Excel file called "StateToolbars"

If your having a problem locating "StateToolbars" just look at the Taskbar at the bottom of your desktop and you should see all 4 Excel files.  Just click the Excel file "StateToolbars"

The "StateToolbars" has 3 Tabs at the bottom.  "MiddayStates", "CombinedStates", and "EveningStates" Tabs.  Of course Midday and Combined are for those states that have 2 drawings per day.

Let's run a Midday state as an example.  We will use Georgia Midday drawings only.  So all we do is click the Tab at the bottom named "MiddayStates".  Important: Remember all 4 Excel files shoould be open for this to work correctly.

So we are in the Tab labeled "MiddayStates" and we want to look at Georgia Pick 3 Midday Drawing only.  Look for "GA3M" in cell column D (next to the number 6).  Click the Toolbar "GA3M".  When you click this Toolbar it will transfer 1001 Georgia Midday drawings from the Excel file "P3StateDraws" to 2 other Excel files named "Pick3VTRAC" and "Pick3Neighbors".  This should take a few seconds.  Once the transfer of draws is completed go the the Excel file named "Pick3Neighbors" by clicking the file name at the bottom of your Taskbar on your Desktop.

I will explain the "Pick3Neighbors" Excel file in Part 3 of the next Blog post.......

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winsumloosesumComment by winsumloosesum - December 27, 2009, 8:23 am
Change Georgia Midday Draws to Florida Midday draws. Using Florida Midday drawings as an example. Sorry for the error!! Use the same instructions in Part 2 above to copy Florida Midday Draws. The remaining Blog posts will be correct. Using Florida Midday only draws. Click the FL3M Toolbar in the Excel file "StateToolbars" in the "MiddayStates" tab.

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