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WJD= What Jesus Did


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                                           Monday, December 28, 2009
No Plan Can Stand

    The women went to tell the followers. At the same time, some
     of the soldiers that were guarding the tomb went into the
     city. They went to tell the leading priests everything that
     happened. Then the priests met with the older leaders
     and made a plan. They paid the soldiers much money {to tell a

                             -- Matthew 28:11-12 (ERV)


They made a plan! We've heard this before. They had been planning for a
long time how they would get rid of Jesus. When Judas accepted their
deal, they thought they had this "Jesus Problem" figured out. Little
did they know that their plan was going to put them in opposition to
God. Little did they know that their plans would not only furnish the
early disciples -- and us -- a Savior, but also furnish them the fire
to spread their message all over the world. But for now, they needed a
plan because they had been defeated at their execution of Jesus. He
arose from the grave! It was a grave guarded by Roman soldiers. They
had even asked for the soldiers to guard the tomb to keep anything from
happening to the body. But when you oppose God and his work, your plans
are doomed to fail. We are the living proof of their failure and the
failure of generations like them. Jesus' followers still know that he
is the Living Lord of all creation and no plan can extinguish that


I know, all powerful Father, that there are those who plan the
eradication of all Christian believers from their country, and some
even dream of the day that we be eliminated from the face of the earth.
So I pray now for all my brothers and sisters, and all those close to
believing in Jesus as Lord, who find themselves in hostile
circumstance. Please give them hope that while some plan to silence
them, if they keep telling the message, it will never be stopped. I
join with thousands of other voices today Father, and pray for the
victory of the Gospel of Jesus Christ all over the world. In the name
of the one true Savior and Lord I pray.

 Happy New Year To Each and every Lotterypost member and friends

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