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Pick 3 VTRAC / Neighbors Excel Program - Part 4 - F


In the next section of the "NeighborCalc" worksheet I will explain the "neighbor combination" calculations.

Scroll over to cell EO1 (see image below)


In the above charts I will just explian "N - Zero".  The remaining "neighbos" are calculated the same way. 

In cell EO2 you see the "N - Zero" which represents "neighbor" zero (0).

To the right in cell range EQ2 through ES2 are the TOP 3 "neigbors" digits.  These are calculated by taking the numbers in cells EC2, ED2, and EE2 and adding them to EP2.

So for example, in cell EC2 we have a 4.  We add the 4 to the "neighbor" digit 0 (zero) in cell EP2 which gives us the the "neighbor" digit 4 in cell EQ2.  Continue the same calculations for the remaing Position 1 in cell ER2 and ES2, then Position 2 in cells EU2, EV2, and EW2, and finally for Position 3 in cells EY2, EZ2, and FA2.

Now look at cell FD2 in the image above for Position 1.  You see 413 which is taken from EQ2, ER2, and ES2.  Now look at cell FE2 in the image above for Position 2.  You see 024 which is taken from EU2, EV2, and EW2.  Now look at cell FF2 in the image above for Position 3.  You see 031 which is taken from EY2, EZ2, and FA2.

So based on 125 past drawings the TOP 3 "neighbor" combinations for Position 1 is 412, Position 2 is 024, and Position 3 is 031.  You can see the remaining "neighbors" calculations on lines 3, 4, 5, and 6.

In Part 4 - G I will explain the most important section of the "NeighborCalc" worksheet.....

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