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This will be Your Secret!!


Last Edited: December 29, 2009, 11:58 pm

To My LP Fellow Members,

I received these words from Tzvi Freeman, a man with a brilliant mind.  This is what he said:

"Master what you Hear, Master what you Imagine, Master what you See, master what you Speak."

Allow me please to share with you not from Tzvi Freeman, but from what I must humbly can say, I have gleaned from his words.

Have you noticed, that the things that made you cry, hurt you, caused you to become angry, anxious, upset, extremely mad, depressed , drove you to desperation, worries , caused you sleepless nights, and took you to "the end of your rope", have lost its power over you?  Everything, that just a few years ago, even last year, and sometimes as early as last week; as you think of them today, when thinking back on them don't you sometimes smile or even laugh at them?

The problems that were so real to you yesteryear, are of little or no consequence today and sometimes are forgotten--why?  Two Words;  Perceived Reality.   Your eyes show you something you believe,  after all 'seeing is believing' right?  It turned out not to be true, but then you believe it.  Your emotions got involved--next thing you are acting on a perceived truth, you imagine the worst.  Guess what?   Your reality was not real,  but perceived to be real. Then sadly you learn.  You now have to deal with consequences.  And what about feelings ???!!  Lets not even start with those traitor-emotions.   Enough! Do this for the New Year:

1) Scrutinize very carefully what your eyes tell you. Doubt your eyes, many men have approached women, who turned out to be whoa-ha-ha A man! and women have married men who was, then was not!  The eyes can definitely be fooled!

2) Imagine only good things.   If it is not good don't Imagine it.  Negative Imaginations are the most toxic, much like negative people.

3) Hear and Listen very carefully.  When you listen to a speaker be careful to pay close attention. Most bad intentions are omitted when you are the intended victim of the speaker. Usually what isn't said is where the truth lies!

4) Speak as if with every word you are losing time. The person or persons who said "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me", forgot that physical wounds can heal a lot faster, than the wounds from damaging words can.  So speak only what you know to be truth ( truth that can hurt someone sometimes doesn't need to be spoken); since the majority of time, we really don't know all the facts, this will keep your speaking to a minimum and your raw observation (watching and hearing/listening) to a maximum.

5) Be quick to remain calm. Stop, don't just look, make sure you really see. Imagine nothing, leave your feelings out of it.  Hear and listen to what is really being said and not what you want to hear.  

This is what I am working on this coming year, Because there is the truth and that is the truth of faith!

With the truth of faith I need not rely on my lying eyes, my improperly hearing ears, my imagination that is most of the times not mine but planted by someone else, like TV, the magazines, the newspapers, the movies, the net; all who have mastered lying with the largest capital "L"  or my wrongful speech.

If we do this, if you and I master this, we will be a force to reckoned with, this coming decade. We wont fall in love with lies, we will accomplish things that are significant and true.  Well, let's just try.  I wish you honesty, may you have a loyal friend,  health, and may you never ever owe a bill.   Stay Humble you have to bow your head to get a crown.  Stay Blessed you have to help others with what you are blessed with. Tell yourself the truth, you have to live with yourself.  Love THE ALMIGHTY GOD,  you are Using HIS Oxygen (Air) and drinking HIS water; without which you can't live.       You are now empowered with the secretHave a Joyous New Year!!!


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