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Update Drawing Tuesday December 29 2009


The image below is taken from the Tab labeled "NeighborCalc"

This is the update with Florida Midday Tuesday's drawing 1-9-3

In the image above is the update to the Florida Midday drawing (not combined). 

In cell CC20 is the actual drawing of 1-9-3 and the "neighbor" combo equivalent 0-4-1 in cell CG20

In cell CG20 is the "neighbor" equivalent of 1-9-3 which is 0-4-1 (Position 1 - Digit 1 = Neighbor Digits 0&1, Poisiont 2 - Digit 9 = Neighbor Digits 8&9, and Position 3 - Digit 3 = Neighbor Digits 2&3. 193 = 041)

In cell CD20 are the 3 TOP "neighbor" digits 302 for Postion 1.

In cell CE20 are the 3 TOP "neighbor" digits 041 for Postion 2.

In cell CF20 are the 3 TOP "neighbor" digits 142 for Postion 3.


In cell CH20 the "2" represents the "neighbor" digit "0" in 302 from cell CD20 for Postion 1. (2nd TOP 3 Movements for Position 1)

In cell Ci20 the "2" represents the "neighbor" digit "4" in 041 fromcell CE20 for Postion 2. (2nd TOP 3 Movements for Position 2)

In cell CJ20 the "1" represents the "neighbor" digit "1" in 142 fromcell CF20 for Postion 3. (1st TOP 3 Movements for Position 3)


In cell CL20 is 221 which is the result of the drawing.  Taken from cells CH20, Ci20, and CJ20.

In CM20 a "STRAIGHT" is calculated because all 3 "neighbor" digits are from the TOP 3 "neighbor" digits in cells CD20, CE20, and CF20.


In cell CM20 the 46 represents 46 "STRAIGHT" picks from the last 125 drawings. 

The 125 past draws are how the "movements are calculated.  Of course we would want to play the least amount of combinations.  Ideally we would want to play only 8 combinations and see the TOP 3 "neighbor" digits drawn.  In cell CL20 the 221 would have required a total of 64 straight combinations.  If 111 was in CL20 then it would have only required 8 combinations.

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