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Draw Example for Wednesday 12/30/09 - Midday Florida


Below is the image of what the next drawing suggestions for Wednesday December 30, 2009 for Florida Midday drawing.  This does not include Evening drawings as combined.  So just using Midday drawings only.

The suggested "neighbor" selections are in cells CD19, CE19, and CF19.

We want to play the "neighbor" combo "431" for 8 combinations.

Go to the Tab labeled "WheelNeighbors125" See image below

The entries in cells B3, C3, and D3 are taken from the "NeighborCalc" sheet.  Don't delete these cells.

If you are in the Tab labeled "WheelNeighbors125" (see image above, scroll over to cell range i2 through K4.  These are the TOP 2 "neighbor" digits by position that are wheeled into 64 combinations.  If you scroll over to cell range AE2 through AG5.  These are the TOP 3 "neighbor" digits by position that are wheeled into 216 combinations.

There is another Tab labeled "WheelNeighbors1000" that is similar to the "WheelNeighbors125" tab. The "WheelNeighbors1000" Tab are wheels based on TOP "movements" of "neighbor" digits calculating ALL of the last 1000 draws or total number of draws in your particular states draw history.

There is a 3rd Tab labeled "WheelNeighborsCustom" where you can enter you own "neighbor" digit selections in the cells highlighted in yellow. So for example you could enter your "neighbor" digit selections for 8 combinations in cells B3, C3, and D3 or If you wanted to wheel 64 combinations you would enter your "neighbor" digit selections in cell range i3 through K4, or if you wanted to wheel 216 combinations enter your "neighbor" digit selections in cell range AE3 through AG5.

In the next Blog post I will explain how to create your own "custom" neigbor calculations.....

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