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Is it Possible know the exact minute & date when you will die: Of natural causes that is


Last Edited: December 31, 2009, 4:06 pm

Is it possible....I think it is...I believe but i think i am ahead of my time...But theoretically speaking if you wore glasses and those glasses were a camera and they had: TV´s in your house but you didnt know it and they had snuked a camera in the bathroom and place a small chip in the walls of your house but you didnt know it...I think it just might be possible to know when you are going to die, the exact minute and date...It will be possible to know what you are thinking in the future and where you will be 3 years from now in the exact spot (coordinates in inches) possibly how many kids you will have...All by simulating the body and with a supercomputer...

However for this to occur you will have to be like a private citizen, someone very valuable or a very VIP person, like a president or something...And it will mean that you will have a team looking at you through the camera and the cameras in your house and checking every movement that you do...

I am talking if they did it by: micro-human biology not the college class but biology in a micro system or way, mini-human biology basically...

they also will have to have a scanned 3d imagine simulation of your body your blood type and knowledge of any condition that you suffer...is like predicting what will play 3 years from now on Pick3 or Pick4...almost impossible but not impossible...And they could even write a particular math formula particular to you and create out of it a function graph and this way predict it where that graph will be: years from now...They can do it with glases or without glasses but is more precise with glasses without glasses it will take years to developed...And they could do this with the help of a supercomputer and simulating how your body works/functions internally.....they will find out if you will die of a dissease or what disease you will die of in what minute and date...However it will not tell you if you will die of a shot or product of violence...However i dont think they are there yet but the math and a little bit of the science is getting there....But i am telling you from now, you will need a VERY IMPRESSIVE supercomputer not just any supercomputer will do it....I think very few supercomputer will be able to do it in the world if there is any...

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Comment by budward - December 31, 2009, 3:58 pm
Wow pumpi. You have an unique perspective on things..your thoughts always leave me thinkin.

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