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Totally Dissappointed: World Economic Stimulus Package going to Irak WAr


Last Edited: January 2, 2010, 1:47 pm

You know i am totally dissappointed of something that happened right infront of your eyes...Did you know why germany went to war in world war2 and possibly world war1? Because they couldnt take been too poor, economic situations back then was terrible...That´s if you took history...

Some of you will say that´s not true, BUT I KNOW WHAT I HEARD...Since the economic crising the world i think they were the G20 countries or G8 countries pledge 31 trillion towards their economies to pump it up...It sound unbelievable for 33 trillion but THAT´S WHAT I HEARD on the news...Even if it was 5 trillion dollars....You are going to tell me they all could not gather 4 trillion and GIVE IT TO THE USA to fight global terrorism for that´s a war that affect us all it affects the entire world...They couldnt do that...

Just to show you that they place: BREAD OVER GLOBAL SECURITY...And is not even bread is AFAN DE NO ESTAR ABAJO...Dude the global economic crisis was going to stop in 3 years...YOU COULDNT DAM WAIT...Dude the same thing happened to Germany...Not only that it taught everybody a lesson...The day of tomorrow come and there is scarcity of food most countries in the world will put food over global security even if they evil doers were beating the crap of global security and were winning....

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