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Trying to sooth other people: Female Sex Change Operation If is Possible: Small Pork Project


Last Edited: January 2, 2010, 11:07 pm

                                     Dude not everybody thinks like you, NOT everybody is a Christian not everybody likes women, not every women likes men not every women looks hot, not every women likes dancing, not every women likes to wear make up, not every women wears contacts, there are people in the minority of the minority...If you can list me a list of problems or projects, small projects for the minorities of the minorities and the minorities of the majority then it will be better...Again small pork projects...

You may ask why i dont set aside money for research for women to be as strong as men bone wise...I would but there is a problem...If YOU can overcome this problem it will be superb...Listen in the future we are GOING to need women to be as strong as men bone wise AGAIN you are going to need all the help you can get when you cross the stars...The problem is that if women were as strong as men and there was war both sexes will take the crap out of each other and when there is war whenever those world wars occur after it happens you are going to be left with 25% males 75% females or 25% females 75% males...Now if there is another catastrophe, you will be left with 4% males 96% females or 4% females 96% males...Dude and what happens if there is no female left or no male left...YOU JUST DOOMED THE PLANET...And in a scenario like: 25% females and 75% males there is going to be a fight over: OIL if you know what i mean or maybe sexually transmitted disease spread...How are you going to handle it...Right now there is: 50% males, 50% females and there is fight over: OIL, now imagine when there is 25% females 75% males or 7% females 93% males...Yeah is great but a wrong move and you doomed this planet...Not only that female eggs can´t even be frozed for 5 million years and thawed again..So again if you can overcome this challenge more power to you and you know what to do you know how to set money aside for it...Not only that, the world is not: MIXED YET i am talking MIXED 100%...Dude sorry to tell you this but if women became as strong as men A GOOD CHUNK of them will join their caucasian conterparts into making the world even more CAUCASIAN RULED there will be an increase in hate crimes and dissatisfaction among the races/features...Plus if you think the world is already violent be ready to see it double violent...Again be ready for all those things...Again if you can overcome this problem then we are talking...

Anyways i want: 100 million people each to chip in: 2 cents a paycheck for 4.2 years...It will be: $200 million dollars...Placed in the bank at: 5% it will be: $10 million dollars coming your way every single year...With it you are going to offer: FEMALE SEX TRANSPLANT, meaning that if a female wants to have a male sexual organ she can transplanted into her...If is possible...Is the least i can do...No we are not going to do it backwards where if a man wants to have a female sexual organ he can...Only women...And there is a reason for that it has to do with sweating...A women is not in the same Ladder globally that a male is...Again if is possible...If is not possible this company is going to research it...Remember this is only for IMPORTANT ISSUE FACING HUMANITY...So please dont complaint about the $10 million a year tab....If you noticed i said: SMALL PORK  PROJECTS...

Lifting weights should do a little the other trick..

Entry #614


Comment by pumpi76 - January 3, 2010, 2:51 pm
not only that if you think that there is too many human distinctions already be prepared to see: tall studs vs. short weaklings...So add that to the list..
Comment by pumpi76 - January 6, 2010, 2:42 am
remember when i said that you could try and crack the lotto to see the future well i just thought of something...Seen the future is nice but not necesary...If you can see: EVIL or hard core evil or predict evil that cuts down the work to like: 30%....Dont need to track good or good deeds just evil or sin...well if you talk about sin it might be more like: 50% i am just guessing here...but evil is more narrow...

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