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Sex Cheating: Hackers dont need Credit Cards: 100billion to 400 BILLION dollars a year industry


Last Edited: January 3, 2010, 6:56 pm

                                          You know there can be plenty of guys who get themselves vasectomies and this is what happens...You know the glasses that you buy well this people can: BRIBE your wife into changing the glasses that you wear for camera glasses..Well they observe you and observe you and wait...They wait until you log in to your email and since you are wearing glasses while you are doing it, they find out your password they gather it from everyone wearing glasses across a state...Now suppose there is: 20,000 people with camera glasses...That will be 20,000 email passwords, now they dont use it for fechorias they only use it for sexual cheating...You may think why dont they use it for hackers, because if they use it for sexual cheating they will get more money than that..They dont even need to hack credit card passwords because they will get more money than that by charging clients who want to sexually cheat..Think of this as a black market...They dont necessarily need to get camera glasses i heard that there are hackers who charge like $20 to get email passwords...So email passwords are like credit cards...Not only that but every computer that you use, the keyboard strokes go to a gigant bank all of them and just the same way companies sell your adress or cell phone number to other companies for marketing the same way this bank can sell your email password to an organization and this organization has anyone´s email password or chatroom password...

Not only that but emails have chatroom capabilities...So what they do is lets assume a married women is doing this...she gives her sister´s or a female friend phone number to this gigantic organization...This organization calls her female friend or sister and her sister calls her and tells her: or use this password or this chatroom screen name which of course is someone else´s password...And she logs in and chats privately not publicly on the chatroom but on a chatroom room and they begin to talk and talk and talk and the married women does this when her husband is not there, after all a chatroom is free compared to phone calls...Then she tells him, or you can come to my house whenever she has a free time and is not just 1 STUD that she is getting but 3 studs and 1 women who is by or lesbian for that´s how they do it now and is the ultimate goal...And she can tell a fourth guy that he will get a share but for this time he must watch her husband where he is at work...Her husband is at work and this guy is with his car park watching her husband working and he watches when her husband is getting off of work and when he does the guy with the car park call the women and tell his, he is on his way...The sexual party stops and resume some other day and since this guys had vasectomies there is no trace...Plus the married women can chose from a LONG SELECTION cute, handsome, tall anything she wants and they all have vasectomies so again there is no trace....Or all she has to do is pay for the Vasectomy (which is what how much is cost: $300 dollars the price of a cell phone) and she has an ulimited supply forever cheaper than paying for sex...

And all the married women got to pay is: $5 dollars a month with money order to the organization...Multiply: $20,000 x 5 = 1.2 million a year...However i was trying to be prude, is going to be like 300,000 people on this SO..300,000 divided by 20,000 = 15 so 15 x 1.2 million = 18 million x 50 states = 900 million dollars a year...And that´s only the USA if you include the world that will be 900 x 100 countries = 98 BILLION DOLLARS ANNUALLY in 5 years it will be: 500 billion dollars, in 10 years it will be: 1 TRILLION DOLLARS...Again hackers dont need to target credit cards and is free money free of tax...

If the organization was to charge: $20 a month instead of: $5 a month, it will be: 400 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR INDUSTRY...almost 1 trillion in 2 years...5 trillion in 10 year industry...I forgot to many people: $5 is nothing and to many: $20 is actually: $5 dollars...So again hackers dont need credit cards...

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Comment by pumpi76 - January 3, 2010, 5:32 pm
PLEASE dont complain to me, it will not surprise me if this has been going on since the 80s...

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