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Since I stop playing numbers?


Last Edited: January 3, 2010, 7:30 pm

Two people from here one from Mich, and one from Ohio both gave the numbers, Plus the Indian guy I chat from India online. I even posted the 713 comb. But didn't play it and it came out, I could of hit 2 days in a roll. the one lady from Mich, she even emailed me and told me to play the number she had dreamed about. I send her a private message and said I wasn't going to play any numbers I will just post numbers for everyone. That is the time I should of been playing. She gave me the 284 which came in Ohio Jan. 3, Midday from one of her dreams she dreamed about mattress. 284 Now how ironic is that. Oh, another thing my pastor said something that really got my attention, I post numbers, Which she  doesn't know anything about.  She told me to stop boasting and bragging about what God is doing for me. Well I think God is using me to Bless others. So anyway if I get a good hunch I might play a number. but untill I do I will just keep posting numbers. I hope you are the lucky ones. God Bless you!

Entry #15


Dollar419Comment by Dollar419 - January 3, 2010, 8:28 pm
That is so odd--just when you decide not play any more--the winning numbers are crossing your path--also, that lady was out of place to tell you stop bragging about what GOD has done in your life--you should rejoice every minute, day and hour just how good GOD is . GOD BLESS YOU!!
marcieComment by marcie - January 3, 2010, 8:44 pm
Hey Dollar419 she wasn't directly talking to me she was talking to everyone in the congregration, I just thought it was met for me. Maybe I should of keep quiet and let God do his work on me. I think that is what she meant. thanks for responding, And good luck to you!

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