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"Depoliticizing the Weather Forecasters


Last Edited: January 7, 2010, 10:25 pm

"Depoliticizing the Weather Forecasters

By Dr. Tim Ball
Thursday, January 7, 2010
Source Canada Free Press

"Bureaucracy, the rule of no one, has become the modern form of despotism.—Mary McCarthy

Exploitation by governments of global warming as a vehicle to take control requires drastic reaction. As climate became a political issue, bureaucrats in all countries expanded their role, became political and excluded independent experts. 

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was set up for the political purpose of proving human CO2 emanating from developed nations was causing global warming. It continued as a political process as one of the leaked emails from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) from Mike Hulme to Phil Jones on April 22, 2002 notes, “All these decisions about IPCC chairs and co-chairs are deeply political (witness DEFRA’s support of Martin Parry for getting the WGII nomination).” We must eliminate the IPCC as the most corrupt, and then urge all countries to reduce weather agencies to data collection only. Any weather or climate related government agency must be reduced to a single function, the accurate collection, storage, and accessibility of data for citizens. Weather forecasting is so unreliable and inadequate nobody would suffer from its loss. If forecasting is essential companies can do it themselves or see a business opportunity. Piers Corbyn, a British climatologist consistently produces accurate weather forecasts months in advance for all regions of the world. 

There are three main components to the CO2 deceptions

People are beginning to understand the level of the corruption; most of it related to CO2. There are three main components to the CO2 deceptions. First, the pre-industrial level, which they manipulated to show was lower than today.

Second the false assumption that CO2 increase preceded temperature increase. Third, the claim that increases in atmospheric CO2 was due to humans. Mann outlined the objectives when he joined CRU with an email on June 17, 1998,“I remain committed to doing this with you guys, and to explore applications to synthetic data sets with manufactured biases/etc remains high priority.” We now know how far they went.

They Only Learn To Protect Themselves Better

The IPCC made changes as people found flaws, but only to cover up, not improve. The most recent example is in the 2007 IPCC Report where they changed the definition of climate change. Here is the complete quote; “Climate change in IPCC usage refers to a change in the state of the climate that can be identified (e.g. using statistical tests) by changes in the mean and/or the variability of its properties, and that persists for an extended period, typically decades or longer. It refers to any change in climate over time, whether due to natural variability or as a result of human activity. This usage differs from that in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), where climate change refers to a change of climate that is attributed directly or indirectly to human activity that alters the composition of the global atmosphere and that is in addition to natural climate variability observed over comparable time periods.” This acknowledges criticism that you can’t determine human causes of change if you don’t know how much it changes naturally. However, it is another deception.

The Report then ignores major natural causes of temperature change and continues to focus on greenhouse gases specifically CO2. “Most of the observed increase in global average temperatures since the mid-20th century is very likely (90%) due to the observed increase in anthropogenic GHG concentrations. It is likely that there has been significant anthropogenic warming over the past 50 years averaged over each continent (except Antarctica).”  They don’t mean greenhouse gases? They effectively ignore water vapor and claim, “Global atmospheric concentrations of CO2, methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) have increased markedly as a result of human activities since 1750 and now far exceed pre-industrial values determined from ice cores spanning many thousands of years. This is an unsubstantiated and inaccurate comment especially when you don’t know how much natural inputs and outputs change. We know they manipulated pre-industrial CO2 levels, but they ignore the fact methane levels have leveled and declined for 14 years. Atmospheric water vapor levels are difficult to measure with accuracies no better than 20%. In a January 2009 report, Professor Zondio concluded“Surprisingly little is known about water vapor because it has been really hard to measure in the upper atmosphere. The new data suggests that these plumes are happening at a scale we had not imagined.” He’s talking about water rising in great updrafts in the atmosphere.

The IPCC use water vapor only to cover a problem and bolster another false claim

The IPCC use water vapor only to cover a problem and bolster another false claim. Even if CO2 doubles or triples temperature can only increase a small amount. The amount currently in the atmosphere, 385 ppm is almost 100% effective in delaying heat escaping to space. Imagine the atmosphere is like a window and you use one coat of black paint to block light by about 97%. A second coat reduces light but now by less than 3%.  The IPCC got around this problem by using a positive feedback. They claimed increasing human CO2 caused a temperature increase, which increased evaporation. More water vapor acting as a greenhouse gas led to higher temperatures. They built this positive feedback into their models. The trouble is it does not occur in reality

The claim human CO2 is responsible for global warming of the last 50 years is a based on two assumptions now falsified. First, was the claim CO2 stayed in the atmosphere (residency time) for at least 100 years. We now know it is about 5 years. Second, they said the level of human sourced CO2 would accumulate in the atmosphere. This is wrong as Professor Knorr showed in his November 7, 2009 article titled “Is the airborne fraction of anthropogenic CO2 emissions increasing?” His finding, “…the trend in the airborne fraction since 1850 has been 0.7 ± 1.4% per decade, i.e. close to and not significantly different from zero.” 

All data manipulation is not covered by the leaked emails. They claim CO2 from human sources rose from 6.5 gigatons of carbon (GtC) in their 2001 Report to 7.5 GtC in the 2007 Report. Trouble is the IPCC are the source of these numbers.  In a segment titled, “Source of National Inventories” they write,  “Utilizing IPCC procedures, nominated experts from around the world draft the reports that are then extensively reviewed twice before approval by the IPCC.”

In 2008 I wrote, “They define the rules, determine who the “nominated experts “ are, and have the final say in the numbers used. This is in keeping with their process of control and determination to prove their dictated goal of finding a human source of global warming.” Now the public knows the extent of the deceptions. We are dangerously close to what happened in the Soviet Union in the 1950s when, “Under Lysenko’s guidance, science was guided not by the most likely theories, backed by appropriately controlled experiments, but by the desired ideology. Science was practiced in the service of the State, or more precisely, in the service of ideology.”  We can shut down national and international government run weather and climate bureaucracies except as data collection agencies."

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Rick GComment by Rick G - January 7, 2010, 9:00 pm
Glad the IPCC is being exposed. They are an "end-run" world govt. structure hidden behind an innocuous name and waiting in the wings to proclaim edicts. Climate-gate was a much needed blessing for the world. It opened many more eyes to the devious nature of the cabal we are dealing with.
konaneComment by konane - January 7, 2010, 10:21 pm
Thanks Rick! Climategate happened at the most perfect time. Life is good!
Comment by Delta Draw - January 9, 2010, 3:12 am
This is a reply to an LP news thread:

Some good points about things, I guess the crooks and thieves in Governmnet don't like any competition.

The state liquior store and the state never pay for the booze inventory until it is sold. They don't have to insure it. And all the Finns who had stills were shut down because you-know-who didn't like the competition. Same for tobacco, they may as well legalize everything else they don't have a corner on, tax us at every turn like they want to make us all liable for climate change- cold or hot.

That whole COP thing goes back to GB41, just after his famous new order speech. And no kidding, the chemtrails are a patent applied for and rewarded around the same time to Hughs Aircraft Co. Read the patent and know the climate conflict we are busy with is hot or cold,... and not why are international concerns trying to control the weather? Gore gets us thinking about global warming when his chart says that too many people are the cause. It's all tied into Genetic modified food, seed banks and the desire to get us to pay for the climate impact with a tax system. Your personal environmental impact liability tax. Every country, every person. You won't be able to buy food if it's not in the system- they even want to outlaw organic and home gardens. Why? because the GM foods are patented and if you do not have a license to grow, or your crops cross polinate with GM crops you are at fault. They want us all to pay for the liability of saving the planet while tinkering with climate science. It's about control and wealth, and............oops ,... guess I got off on a tangent. Now I need to find my happy place, put my head back in the sand.

So what is new about people showing up with their hands out when they know your flush or your jug is full? The government is always first in line.
The Chemtrails are to reflect IR solar radiation, but they also trap them. Weather is made. We do see extreems of weather and can take a position in the conflict but the real discussion is viewed as a conspiracy- Chemtrails. They are the means to an end and that being the Personal Climate Liability Tax. We are hearing how the climate is being linked to economics. Gobal economics. This is the real reason for the decades of environmental alarm education through the media by 'reputable' sources. These sources and the media are the product of CRF members and CFR overseas counterparts. These think tanks have global designs that span many years. Gore does not come out and say there are too many people in his movie but it is a subliminal observation. I am sure the countries who were against the last global COP agreement will pay in some way or another for their opposition. Food shortages always gets good attention. The opponents will be brought to their knees and beg for what they know in some way to be wrong.

konaneComment by konane - January 9, 2010, 11:51 am
Thanks Delta Draw! Some very well thought out comments. Yes it's all about money to fund the one world government and of course provide substantive salaries and expense accounts for those in the inner circle. We pay they play.

Your comment ......."The Chemtrails are to reflect IR solar radiation, but they also trap them. Weather is made." ...... is one I've not read before. Many conspiracies theories exist around them but this is the first time I've seen it put exactly that way.
Comment by Delta Draw - January 12, 2010, 4:35 am
From your post,..."The IPCC use water vapor only to cover a problem and bolster another false claim. Imagine the atmosphere is like a window and you use one coat of black paint to block light by about 97%. A second coat reduces light but now by less than 3%. More water vapor acting as a greenhouse gas led to higher temperatures."

It was the last remark that got my attention. You see, the patent awarded to Hughs is directly intended to affect climate. No question.
After nearly two decades we can see more clearly the tie being made to economics and weather. This is international economics. Antother thing i remember in the past news was the contracts awarded for new refueling tankers. There are Nato refuelers too. It would make sense that a NATO tanker could fly almost anywhere it wants to. Just before this recent cold snap I observed in the morning diffused chemtrails and new ones being applied. The old ones were off coast and now inland, where the new were inland. They were all ahead of a storm. Temps fell during the day and have been cold to the east since. The chemtrails are making weather without a doubt. Huge summer rainstorms follow inland after a heavy campaign, and now tornados in the west coast marine climate.
All I have to do is watch the sky and listen to the news a few days later. If these chemtrails are designed to change the climate, it is unsure without all the information, exactly the effect from the cause. They do prevent solar radiation to warm the earth where ever they are. Something happens when the sun goes down and it has to do with condensation-water vapor! They have done the study based on water vapor, so that is how they track the effect.

konaneComment by konane - January 12, 2010, 9:28 pm
Thanks Delta Draw! Very interesting thoughts, again that I'd not considered. Always believe contrails to be condensate from jet exhaust although I've seen chemtrails discussed otherwise. Plenty to think about, appreciate your commentary on the subject.
Comment by Delta Draw - January 12, 2010, 11:31 pm
The new perspspective for a new generation says that those trails in the sky are contrails and that the idea of chemtrails is stupid.
There are Youtube vids showing both in one screen so the difference can be seen. The hazy skies are an new event. Contrails NEVER did that. Besides think about it, what would allow condensate from a contrail to continue to dispurse across the sky for hundreds of miles? And one more thing, the contrails are visible by enhanced infra-red satellites. The patterns are not consistant with normal air traffic routs. It could easliy be dismissed as normal traffic, but then there were the chemtrails observed following the grounding of all but military aircraft following 911. If they were contrails of commercial aircraft, they were all grounded. So with the examples on youtube you can see that commercail aircraft do not do this. I grew up looking at the skies and marveling at aircraft with contrails, they would dissipate (water vapor) shortly behind the craft. This can still be seen today.
konaneComment by konane - January 13, 2010, 11:33 am
Thanks Delta Draw! Wonder if any of this has to do with cloud seeding? Have read that is done to bring about rain.
Comment by Delta Draw - January 15, 2010, 11:54 am
The two are loosely related. Studies have been done decades ago about cloud seeding for the production of rain. Same for the seeding of the atmosphere for radio transmission like over-the-pole radar. Both studies took into consideration dispersion and effectiveness. So in that they are related. Earlier patents were in reference to the Hughs patent, but the Hughs patent was for a different application (not exactly the true intent) . Some things are equal, but not all.
   The chemtrails move in the air with the currents. During the day they partially reflect the sun's rays, depending on the variables of how well they are applied and disbursed. So during the day they reflect infra-red radiation -heat. They also trap reflected heat from where they are. When the sun goes down everything cools, If the chemtrails move over an area that was in full sunlight during the day while it is dark, the chemtrails trap some of the heat trying to escape. Now the chemtrails are up high and in cooler air, when they go over a warmer air mass and landmass that is trying to cool, the moisture condenses. That is the water vapor the climatologists are tracking. It is the result or effect of the chemtrails and weather is made. It is like taking a cold soda or beer out of the fridge on a warm humid day. You see the water vapor condense on the can or bottle. Your drink is raining. Chemtrails have to be re-applied because they disperse and fall to earth, what we don't know is how effectively they are removed from the atmosphere when it rains. Very few people know these facts. West coast chemtrails produce peculiar unpredictable weather to the east as the airmass moves. They can transport much moisture.
konaneComment by konane - January 18, 2010, 11:50 pm
Thanks Delta Draw! You said "They also trap reflected heat from where they are. When the sun goes down everything cools, If the chemtrails move over an area that was in full sunlight during the day while it is dark, the chemtrails trap some of the heat trying to escape."

I wonder if that (applied over several years) contributed to drought the south east suffered from for about 10 years. Have never seen summers so dry and hot. We lost many trees due to those conditions.

We've been in a noticeable cooler and wetter cycle for about the past 3 years with more days of sustained winds than normally occur.

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