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An afterthought


It came to mind too late to edit this in to the other entry, but I want to say it.

These are the times when the giants, Microsoft, Dupont, of finance and commerce are as vulnerable as everyone else to civil litigation by hungry lawyers and consumers when they get caught trying to pull that last fraction of a percentage of skim off the top.

I generally mislike the concept of civil litigation, holding the view that consumers have a responsibility to gore their own oxen, buy responsibly, and not buy if it's not what's best for them.

However, fraud and deceptive trade practices are both criminal and civil offenses in the US today.

No criminal prosecutor is going to touch the matter of those deceptive jackpot billboards.

But if some hungry shyster lawyer examines what's being represented by Powerball, as opposed to what's actually being offered,

If some hungry young attorney looks at all that, I was going to say, and decides there are legal grounds for a class action suit by players, decides to do it,

I'll be the first player on the list to sign up.


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