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Women of the World: The Disabler Hand Ring & Punches Absorber VEst..


Last Edited: January 12, 2010, 12:49 pm

I need the 3.5 billion women in the world to each one chip in: $25 cents a paycheck for: 1 year...It will be: 21 BILLION dollars...Placed in the bank at: 6% it will be: 1.26 billion dollars coming to you every year...With it you are going to create the: FEMALE DISABLER HAND RING RESEARCH INSTITUTE...

And they are going to research and see and try to come up with a hand ring that women will use that when they hit an opponent it will paralyzed the person for a few minutes or some kind of venon, i dont know but something that will disabled their opponent/enemy when fighting...This will lead to less intimidation...

Remember the new billionaire heir young adult girl who died...Well i saw her on TV showing a ring and she reminded me of this...

You know as i was writing this i went to the TV flipping channels and i saw some guys putting on some sport sweaters and it reminded me of a bullet proof vest..The channel was making a competition about ultimate fighter, like a reality tv show or something, i dont watch ultimate fighter but thats what i saw while slipping the channel...The channel say: Tuf competition....It wasnt the regular ultimate fighter for this guys look less bulky and muscular i dont know what kind of competition it was but it said: ultimate fighter on it...it look like an NBA sweaters people wear....well they gave me the following idea:

Anyways the FEMALE DISABLER HAND RING RESEARCH INSTITUTE will focus on coming out with a vest a thin vest that will shock absorb punches, it will look like a bullet proof vest but it will be lighter, very lighter in weight that you wear inside your shirt/sweater/whatever and it will not show off...Yeah a hand ring is nice with venon or whatnot but by the time it takes effect to disabled him he would had possibly punched you to death i dont know...And it will be said by law that only women will wear it...

you know to even things out...

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