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Powerball: Please Listen: Generic Powerball & Math & Chemistry Powerball..


Last Edited: January 13, 2010, 12:04 am

Powerball, PLEASE LISTEN...I am telling you, YOU NEED TO CREATE more GEneric Powerballs, More Generic Euromillions, create: Math Powerballs/Lottos, Chemistry Powerballs/Lottos & Free lottos...

Please listen to me...You can´t see things i can...Please listen to me...Governments of the world...Listen if it was for me i would had created Generics Powerballs and Generics Euromillions, GEneric ASian POwerball, GEneric African Powerball, Generic Middle East Powerball, Generic Latin America Powerball and math lottos and chemistry lotto but it becomes TOO EXPENSIVE...Just to create those 6 or 8 Powerballs doing it by chipping in costs: 600 to 800 BILLION for just 1 for 2 or 3 it comes out to: 1.8 trillion to 2.6 trillion dollars it becomes too expensive and there are so many things that need fixing and helping in this world for me to spend: 2.6 trillion dollars on a Powerball...For instance i can take: 2.6 trillion and use it to buying out drug cartels or helping out people so there is less violence dude everything that goes on in this world is because of $$$$ (MONEY), SEX OR RACE: (AND IN A SMALL WAY FOOD) EVERYTHING, I REPEAT EVERYTHING I DONT CARE HOW THEY WANT TO DESGUISE IT, EVERY CONFLICT IN THIS WORLD IS ABOUT THOSE 3 THINGS, they might lie, disguised it, or not tell the truth but EVERYTHING IS ABOUT THAT you think wars are wage because of little kids...Look at Terrorrist, what they do is because they believe that God is going to give them: 40 women virgins...I wonder what would had happened had the Koran said that they will not get: 40 virgins....WHAT WOULD HAD HAPPENED....You dont believe me...you think there is good & evil if there was evil why isnt there a religion THAT WORSHIPS SATAN, why is the religion that worships SATAN THE BIGGEST SECOND BIGGEST RELIGION IN THE WORLD...See what i am saying....Dude people DONT KNOW WHAT EVIL IS...DOES ANYONE wakes up in the morning and says: I WANT TO ERASE THIS PLANET, I WANT TO DESTROY THE SUN, I WANT THE UNIVERSE TO COLLAPSE...I WANT TO STOP THE NUCLEUS OF THE EARTH...Dude the SUN IS EVIL, THE UNIVERSE IS EVIL, THE NUCLEUS OF THE EARTH IS EVIL...Not only that if you look at the ¨MECHANICS¨ of how an argument originates you will know that people as they talk and keeping track of it and doing good in their mind is like they were juggling balls with their hands EVERY SECOND FOREVER and one drop it explodes, think of it as juggling grenades with your hands and if it falls it explodes it will not kill you but it might leave you without an ankle..And think that certain grenades carry different explosive power....Now image that there were others with you and you all will swap grenades sometimes and and the mind trying to not be tempted by evil is also like a rubber band holding the weight of a rock that sometimes it sags but goes back to its original position....Not only that but if you took Bin Laden or Hitler and you tied him up put hancuff on him and let´s say that there were people in Mars, if you Took Bin Laden and injected him with a vaccinne that will erase all his memory he will not know what happened to him and he will have to learn everything from 0 and you took him to mars away from earth where he is not know or to a foreign planet in the edge of the Milky WAy where there is no contact with earth and where he will get a nice job with a nice wife, will he develop to be the same one again and is then when he is in that foreign planet enjoying life that you feel like taking a gun and discharging it in his head...No terrorist is blind or without an arms and legs no terrorrist hates his own race or his own gender, see what i am saying, Nobody gets up in the morning and says: I am going to blow up every hospital in this world and completely anahilate every record of pharmaceuticals and medicine knowledge that there is you do that and then i dont know if the botox bacteria is true that one drop of it can anahilate the human race but you do those 2 thing along with the hospital thing, say good night to everyone else...AGAIN DUDE PEOPLE DONT KNOW WHAT EVIL IS....

or i could use that money for solving the sex trade in Asia, see what i am saying just for me to spend it in a Powerball game.... 

So PLEASE governments of the world you need to create more: Generics Powerballs and Generic Euromillions and Math Powerball/Lottos and Chemistry Powerball/Lottos and Knowledge lottos, and free lottos lots of them...Please...

Entry #624


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