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What are the Odds that this Planet will be the only one in the Universe to have this: Nice Symbolism


Last Edited: January 14, 2010, 2:34 am

                                          I am going to dedicate a blog to this, i got this idea from CNN International particularly Market Place Middle East program...Sounds funny and silly but i ask myself what are the odds...If you look at the planet geographically you will noticed if you was to put a shroud over the occidental hemisphere meaning the Americans hemisphere you will noticed that the middle east is right in the middle not only is in the middle but is down there almost in the same location that the sexual organs are...Listen to this...Let´s assume that the old world is a women and the middle east is where the pubic hair is and notice that in the middle east there is oil which is what drives everything...Now assume that petroleum was vaginal fluids...

Now take the new world or the occidental hemisphere....Picture the new world as been a man...What will be located where the sexual organ is: Panama or Colombia...What´s in colombia...Colombia is the biggest drug cartel or world second biggest...right in the same area where the male sexual organ should be located...Well ask yourself the question...What is sex to women, is like a cocaine drug, it has been said that sex addiction to women is like been cocaine addiction...And yet the biggest drug cartel is almost right in the middle where the sexual organ should be located if you compare the new world to a man...Not only that...Men are known to have that that V shape and the abs very lean i am talking well sculpted guys, have you ever seen a body builder they have the abs very narrow of the entire body and isnt central American narrow...Not only body builders their ankles are very narrow also of the entire body and doesnt that area of south america reaching the tip where chile is very narrow...NOT ONLY THAT....Doesnt the USA has 2 penninsulas Florida and baja california as if they were the arms...NOT ONLY THAT...Doesnt Russia and the USA have the most nuclear weapons in the form of missiles and what does a missile look like? it looks like tits/bust...

also baja california is still part of California, yet california is the: 5th largest economy in the world mean that side is strong so it means that the right arm is very strong and most of us are right handed..Also how do you explain that Italy looks like a: Boot like a female boot with high heels...Dude what PLANET in the universe will have a region that looks like a women´s high heel boots...What came out of Italy, one of the empires that almost conquered the world, what are women doesnt this world is run on women...Dude why didn the roman empire came out of Russia the hell Italy...Wasn´t italy joined to take over the world with Germany, in world war2, again...And the way that boot is place looking to the Occidental not backwards is placed as saying: you want to have sex...Yet Can´t sex take over the world...Right now sex has constraints but SEx can rule this world...Sex is bigger than the Forex, hypothetically speaking....Also look at the USA it represents the chest, where is the heart located in the left side of the chest where is: WASHINGTON, D.C & New York LOCATED...Look at Mexico...Mexico is like the upper abs, what goes on in the upper abs? FOOD IS PROCESSED where the STOMACH is...What happens in Mexico and the USA border...Drugs right...What is food? Food is a drug is the second or first biggest drug IN THE WORLD Mathew: 4:4...Also where is the Nile located, in the sexual organ area...the amazon just missed the spot by a little bit yet they are both the biggest rivers in the world....COINCIDENCE...whatever...

Dude there is no life in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE SO FAR...This is the ONLY PLANET IN THE UNIVERSE THAT HAS LIFE and you are going to tell me that the land looks like what, whatever, got to be kidding me....

Entry #626


Comment by pumpi76 - January 14, 2010, 1:35 am
I am just telling you to warn you all...because by me not telling you a catastrophe could happened...I dreamed when i was like: 9 or 10 years old, what had happened was that i began reading the apocalypse book of the Bible...And i felt asleep before going to church...Well i dreamed that i heard trumpets very loud from the skies, you heard them EVERYWHERE I MEAN loud, and i ran to look out side and the sky opened and balls of fire began raining down from the sky everywhere it was the apocalypse...There was a second one i think and i think i was what look like New York but i can´t remember, for i remember i had 3 dreams like that and they have been the 3 scarariest of my life...but that particular one about been in New York i CAN´T REMEMBER...
Comment by joker17 - January 14, 2010, 9:09 am
I beg to differ. Sorry Pumpi, but anyone who is aware that there are hundreds of billions of galaxies out there, also knows that each one of those galaxies has around a hundred million stars within it, with countless trillions of planets has to be put away in a straight jacket if they think we are the only creatures in the universe.
Comment by pumpi76 - January 14, 2010, 10:24 am
I also remember not long ago dreaming of a HUGE very tall TV antena station been erected and this was before i ever heard that there was a huge, tall TV antena been erected in China...when have you heard of a TV antena station erected as one of the tallest buildings in the world...I think is China well i recently heard it on the national geographic channel...

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