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I'm Out of Africa - How About You?


Yep, I'm completely out of Africa Kitamu Coffee and it's annoying. That's the only kind that really tastes good to me made at home. It's made by Starbucks but Starbucks doesn't carry it. The only place that I've been able to find it is Amazon.

I always wondered why you could get a good cup of coffee at restaurants and even McDonalds and Burger King but it was almost impossible to make a really good cup at home. For years I attributed it to these cheap, plastic, Chinese Coffee Makers with the American names that we all use because there's nothing else available.

I like strong coffee. I drank Folgers Dark Roasted brands for years after trying everything else on the market but it still bothered me that I could get something vastly superior at Mickey D's or BK. I just assumed that it was the coffeemaker or that all the good quality coffee was being reserved for the restaurants and the crap was left for retail. 

But then when staying at an upscale hotel in Chicago a year or so ago, I noticed this Africa Kitamu coffee next to the requisite cheap, plastic, Chinese coffeemaker and decided to try it. It was great, just like you'd get in a restaurant. I couldn't believe it. It came in pre-measured amounts in little filter pouches.

After I got home I tried to find it and nobody had it, not even Starbucks stores or Starbucks online. I finally did find it at Amazon though and it gets top ratings in almost all the reviews. They didn't have it in the little filter bags but they had it ground or beans. I've been ordering it from them since then. It's a lot more expensive than the regular stuff in the cans most of us drink but it's well worth it to me because coffee in the morning is one of my favorite times of the day. Everything seems like it's going to be ok when I get my first cup and look out the window down the holler. For some reason I think it's even my dogs' favorite time of day too cuz they all gather around me and go to sleep making sure I can't move my feet or roll my office chair in any direction, like right now.  They drive me nuts sometimes but  I love the hell out of 'em anyway.

So here I sit with my store bought Starbucks Colombian which doesn't compare to Africa Kitamu til my order gets delivered. It's not bad though.

I'm always open to try new things though, if anybody knows of a good coffeemaker that makes a difference or another good coffee.   Coffee


I'm on my 4th day with no cigarettes and I'm noticing little things like how nice it is not having to make sure I have enough cigarettes and my lighter before I go anywhere. It's nice just having that empty shirt pocket too (except for the electronic cigarette). I find I'm using that less and less too though. I'm really looking forward to being through with this nasty habit that I love and hate so much. I also like the aspect of not having  to do something when I don't really want to. As much as I enjoy smoking I have to admit that I had no choice; I had too. I hated that part of it.

There's something new in the air now and it ain't smoke.

Smells like... victory.

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