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Read my Blog!! "Gold Mine here"


Last Edited: January 19, 2010, 5:14 pm

It is a Mystical thing, there is some money to be made in my Blog, over the last three days, there was money made from all of these blogs, you better paid attention, you Folks don't believe me. I just can't Str8 give a number, well sometimes. and the 662 comb. IL. I did give Xthundercat a number I told her to wheel the 412 so there you go! 809 comb. It  came in OHio. My dream about the Bear, both parts, My blogs are Gold Mines, That is why I keep saying Read My blog, everybodys emailing me for a number they are all right here in my blog. Both part of Sisters came 622 comb, and the 522 Just a lot of numbers here, 5220, 6260, Ga Str8 You better pay some attention. 687 comb. N.C There is Money to be may here, and I hope I proved it.  Read my Blogs Read my blog!!!!!  Another thing the 643 I said wheel it. It  came in N.J Jan.18th. I hope Todd got that one! These numbers was coming out everywhere. When I keep posting in a thread several times I am trying to get your attention. Ok, remember what I said and we can all make some money here! that is no Joke! And I am serious about playing in all States, If you win from any of my numbers I need some help!  Ok, Read on!!!  When I post a number it's going to come somewhere, I think you know this by now.There is still money to be made!  Pick 3's Wheel and P4's  always use 0  if you want to play P4. famous words Good luck!Thumbs Up  Give me feed back!!! This is good here! And they will repeat, likle 415 did.

Entry #28


marcieComment by marcie - January 25, 2010, 6:22 pm
The 451 comb, came in Ohio, I dreamed about Nathaniel. his name plays for 451.
marcieComment by marcie - January 25, 2010, 6:25 pm
Jan. 25th Midday, I told some people in the Chat room to play that number too, I has came out in the last 3 weeks, and I was telling them and the people in Mystical to play that number. Good luck to winners! And someone from Conn. gave me that number!

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