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Countries of the World: You need more Lottos or Games...


Last Edited: January 23, 2010, 12:55 am

I cant tell the world what to have but what i noticed will happened is that is that the same lottos are only going to get bigger in the future, let´s look at Italy6/90, it pays: $100 million dollars maybe less, 10 or 20 years from now that same lotto is going to be paying: $400 million or $500 million OR 600 and there will not be any lotto that pays: 20 million or 30 million or 40 million or 60 million or 50 million or 35 million or 25 million, or 15 million or 17 million...Dude almost all countries in the world have: 4 types of lotteries...Pick3, Pick4, Pick5, and Pick6...Out of those 4, only ONE pays: 5 million or 10 million or 20 million JUST 1...And if they are split between 3 or 4...If is 10 million you only get 2 million...Dude stop thinking of yourself think of others....Lotto and Games you need to create them...Dude please listen...You snoop around this website and read what´s going on but you dont want to create other games and lottos...

Right now there is only 2, I REPEAT 2 LOTTOS that pay: 30 million and above...Euromillions & Powerball...Just 2 and there is: 7 BILLION PEOPLE IN THE WORLD...WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU...Cant see it...Look at: Pick5, there is only 1 pick5...

Dude look at a disabled person...THERE IS NO LOTTO IN THE ENTIRE DARN WORLD THAT PAYS: $20 OR $30 MILLION FOR DISABLED PEOPLE like an amputtee, or for babies, or for minority women or for disabled babies or for conjoined babies, NONE....There is none of that crap IN THE ENTIRE DARN WORLD...DONT YOU SEE SOMETHING IS WRONG...Remember the movie with Matt Damon about the 2 joined kids that grew up to be adults...Dude there is no conjoined people with 30 million dollars IN THE ENTIRE RETARDED WORLD...You know what pisses me off, that up to this day YOU BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE SUPERIOR TO ME, YOU BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE BETTER THAN ME that you think better than me...And so much people going to church saying they LOVED GOD and that Jesus is closer to them than to me it gets ridiculous...

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