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Women of the World: A Call to your hearts: Boxing in schools...


Last Edited: January 23, 2010, 2:02 am

Women of the world this is very important for humanity and for when they are crossing the stars or they land in a new planet or if in case there is a catastophre so it gets built into generations to generations and it is built into the DNA of every human been (think about it as getting taller except that you are not)...

I need the 3.5 billion women of the world to each one chip in: $3 a paycheck for 4 years...It will be: 1 trillion dollars...Placed in the bank at: 9% it will be: $90 BILLION DOLLARS...Each of those $90 BILLION DOLLARS will go into implenting or making: ¨BOXING¨a class in K6 and K12 schools, EVERYDAY, both men and women in every school in the ENTIRE WORLD...

Most people dont know but what makes some animals survive in a mass extintion...BEcause they are: ¨Voracez¨ is built in them, they will fight with anyone to stay alive...Now imagine if you are the LAST MAN OR LAST WOMEN standing on this EARTH and you didnt take that training and you was just anyone and suppose there is a major catastrophe...Will you survive, probably not...And i want you to know something....This has precedence over ANY government in this world...Governments see for the coming year they dont see ahead for the coming 300 years or 1,000...Because i will tell you you can have your sights in 10 years in the future and you dont have your sights in 300 years from now something happens the unexpected and you are not prepared that work that you did for your 10 years was worthless it didnt worth anything...

i dont want to hear anybody´s comments just do what i say to do...Dude take that chip off your shoulder, is better to be prepared and not be sorry than to be sorry and not been prepared...

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