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This is Beyond the Police & Some Ideas and some thoughts


Last Edited: January 24, 2010, 2:42 am

You First heard it from me: There is a group OR organization...i DONT KNOW who they are well this group/organization can commit a crime blame someone else and you will NEVER EVER suspect that the person who they are blaming did not do the crime...Dude there are moments when you say that someone to be that good HAS to be a psychic...I dont know if this group committed the September 11th...Dude the way they operate they can win a Pick20/80 with 1 ticket which i could never do...This people...And the only way to do that you HAVE to be a psychic...This is beyond the police...The only person you can think that will be that good is Jesus...YOu can only pick it up if you constantly ask yourself what are the odds...This people know exactly WHERE you are going to drop the penny or pen or piece of paper when you are walking....To have THAT KIND of ability is GOT to be something supernatural like a psychic, YET they are people....This people know what are the words you are going to say if you met someone...This people/group/organization knows the exact minute when you are going to die, that´s how good they are...Which tells me that psychics got to exist...This people are SO GOOD that they can shoot someone and FAKE the bullets engraving so it look like from another gun...That´s the kind of crap i am talking about...And the women is of the race/feature YOU LIKE, ANYONE...

And just so you know...If you found a psychic who was really good i mean always on the mark, expect them to be on the bad side...Tell me you are on the good side, people find out, they want to kill you, the government itself will kidnapped you, is better to be on the bad side, he/she make more money on the bad side plus nobody will know....JUST SO YOU KNOW...Really if you are on the good side FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS will get assassins snipers and blow you to pieces just because of jealousy...

This organization is SO POWERFUL that if they didnt like you they will buy a women like with money and a promise of a georgeous husband and they will tell the women to entice you, make you crazy make you have sex with her and make her pregnant then she is getting paid by the day like in money in the bank for a 2 year term and after that she leaves you and leaves you with the baby with 1, 2 or 3 babies, give you load and they just gotten rid off you or brushed you aside...Dude we dont live in a nice world, please get that in your head... 

Plastic to cover houses that are close to Dust Storms: I saw a documentary about dust storms and i thought, why when they build houses they dont cover the entire house, roof and all with a small bag plastic that is visible for people that live close to where dust storms occur...I was thinking in something that will STICK to the walls or that you use one of those tiny school work pins that they use to pin the bulletin in schools and they wrap up the entire house with a small pastic....It will make it last agaist corrosion also....There ought to be a company that specializes in that...I dont think they have invented the bag plastic either...And just like a house makeover every once a year the same way you do your Chrismast spending for the house decoration once a year you change the plastic and start a new one again and clean up...Nobody has every thought of that....

The same way you put a plastic on the laptop to cover the screen and make the screen glare filter into your eyes, same way here with those houses...And then when the dust storms comes all you got to do is get the hose and pour water over it and take off the dust...

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