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People of the Northern Hemisphere: Fitness Lotto...


Last Edited: January 24, 2010, 8:12 pm

Guys i feel terribly bad i dont know why i dont think up of this stuff...You see the Hotter Hemisphere needs regular lottos but the nothern/colder hemisphere do not need lottos, they need FITNESS LOTTOS...There is not even enough gyms out there...Look i apologize for not seeing this...That´s what the northern hemisphere needs they dont need regular lottos or Powerball...I dont know WHY i dont see this stuff...Anyways people got to win Powerball TO CREATE A CHAIN OF GYMS or to create a: FREE FITNESS LOTTO (you know like free lottos) And you got to understand people in the Stock Markets make more money than us more money than people chasing powerball and NONE of them thinks of this stuff...Not just that well it will be nice if people chip in but knowing people it hurts them to give up: $5 a month...And there are SO many guys lifting weights and saying they are of fitness and none of them have tried to create a gigantic company that will send fliers to people to collect: $5 a month from a large group to create multiple gyms...There is not that many rich people...Another reason why i am posting Powerball & MegaMillions systems on the net even if the State sees them...

There is not a fitness lotto for teenagers, dude there is a bunch of stuff that are not there....And YOU NEED MONEY FOR THEM you either need to win Powerball to create this things or ask a lot of people to chip in...Why you think i am asking the state lotto that they need more big lottos and regular lottos...I cant create Powerball because it becomes TOO expensive...And people got to win the lotto to do all these things and there is no REWARD you gain weight nobody gives a dam plus you got to climb 200 million combinations...There is only 3 Powerballs in the world, just 3...And when people win these 100 million dollar Powerballs they think is theirs dont even think in free fitness lottos...NOne...Not just that, nowadays banks want to SHRINK the interests on 100 million dollars...Not just that nobody in their right mind is going to deposit the 100 million dollars in the bank because is nothing secured 100%...All these stuff you face and if you lose the 100 million dollars that you placed in the bank (trying to help) you go back to square 1 and suppose you won by quick pick...A LOT OF STUFF YOU DONT SEE...I think i was the FIRST DARN ONE to come up with the idea of STEALING FROM THE FOREX BY CRACKING IT OR STEALING FROM THE STOCK MARKET BY CRACKING IT AND USE THE MONEY TO CREATE FITNESS LOTTO OR FREE LOTTOS OR OTHER KINDS OF LOTTOS OR CREATE A FITNESS RELIGION...Not just that you want to do these things and everybody else is thinking in online gambling which will suck up the money of the whole nation and there will not be money to fund these projects and many projects...There is nothing for disabled people NONE whatsoever....And listen i have never said this but i feel sorry for POwerball...Because there is 50 states, with 300 million people and there is only 1 or 2 powerball...For that kind of weight there are to be like: 20 Powerballs promising $100 million each...A country like Australia with 21 million people should have 3 Powerballs promising $100 million and do they have nope so a country like the USA with 330 million should have 20 or 25 Powerballs promising: $100 million or more....But i dont say anything...The hotter hemisphere is another one, they also are VERY POPULATED and a little bit crippled and they dont think in creating MANY POWERBALLS or GAMES promising: $100 million....And is only ME IN THE ENTIRE WORLD with this ideas nobody in the WORLD THINKS OF THIS OR HAS THOUGHT OF THIS...NOBODY...

And every 5 minutes Powerball is changing its matrix from what they see here thinking i want to steal their money, NO PLEASE NO DONT TAKE MY MONEY like I OR ANYBODY wants to steal their money like people want to ¨REALLY BREAK POWERBALL¨ WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WILL DO IT...It gets ridiculous....Plus you risk your life getting killed and get fatter while at it your wife doesnt want to tell you and she thinks you are a lunatic and she gets herself someone on the side who is super rich to sleep with and he is maintaining you and if you start a bussiness it will take you 30 or 40 years to amass just 5 or 10 million, also a lot of people DONT KNOW THIS I DIDNT KNOW THIS i didnt know that if you dont exercise but you are very skinny that your TRIGLICERIDES begin to increase, eventually given you high cholesterol and eventually a heart attack, i didnt know this...Again there is A LOT OF Stuff you dont see...Also you see me talking a lot about other countries and you have never heard me talk about my country Costa Rica & Panama and yet there is a LOT of stuff my 2 countries need...Not just that something MOST PEOPLE WITH THEIR ENTIRE USA FULL OF SUPERCOMPUTERS MAKING SIMULATIONS CANT SEE...Most people in the world like 95% of them are pass their weight limit well with the exception of some asian countries well GUESS WHAT RETARD we only have 5,000 years in this planet as a civilization and there is so much cholesterol and diseases passed down from generation to generation not just that almost 97% of the people in the world believe that the finest people should pair up with the finest/healthy load people (like Germany) so if this occurs after generations and generations and 90% of the world population is pass their ideal weight WHAT YOU THINK IS GOING TO HAPPEN AFTER THIS WORLD HAS 40,000 years or 100,000 of civilization here on this planet, specially with 50% of the planet living in the colder hemisphere...Dude you can have the entire state of TExas full of supercomputers doing all sorts of simulations and calculations every second AND YOU WILL STILL MISSED THIS...Dude a human beeing is a system not a robot...2+2 does equal 4 but in a robot in a straight system not in a human system, a human beign is not a straight line...And you still forget that almost everything in this world has salt on it, not just that we evolve so slowly it takes like 1 million or 5 million to start noticing evolutions animals evolve faster than humans, you didnt see that...And there is something you should know because you are dealing with humans and not robots the bad, corruption, falling apart the worse always wins and happens in a human world because you are not a robot...Cancer is the leading cause of death in the world and yet we only have: 5,000 years as civilization what you think is going to happened 100,000 years from now...Why you think i set aside: 1 trillion A DARN YEAR for medicine research...Not just that i dont know if this is true but i heard that women it takes them longer to lose weight than men because of methabolic reasons...Do the math...Plus you got a carnivoure planet...You know i still remember what IBM did they made a comercial where there is a guy looking for a thread of hair and i think they were making fun of me...Not just that, half the Planet are women and half of that lives in the colder hemisphere but remember that women and men dont have the same muscle mass, they feel the cold more intense than men so what is that going to cause, stay at home longer feel in a state of lazyness and want to eat more all you will do is watch tv and eat more...So again what you think that is going to happen in: 100,000 years or 200,000 years from now and after it has been passed down from generations to generations...Not just that women tend to be SHORTER IN HEIGHT so it will take double time to lose weight (well this one i am not sure because i dont know who loses more weight between someone shorter and someone taller)...You know when i first heard that cholesterol half of it is what you eat and half of it is what your parents give you...So 100,000 years from now your cholesterol level (among the many things) is going to be 80/20 or 85/15, 85 passed down from generations and 15 what you eat and with that kind of score you can eat a lot so you probably have a SHORTER LIFESPAN maybe 40 or 30 i dont know.....And this is: HALF THE WORLD 50% of the world...WITHOUT COUNTING WOMEN...But what´s comming behind is other 45%...And let´s assume that, that happens, since the lifespans is going to be shorter people are going to have kids quicker than normal and by then the world population will be 75, 150 billion so since is half that you live in age theoretically speaking the Global population will double like in less than 10 years...dude not only are you going to have high cholesterol but you are going to be mordbidly obese...Right now kids dont acquire cholesterol that young but you never know if that link will be broken...Not just that i noticed that countries of the hotter hemisphere needs to work united with countries of the hotter hemisphere...Because right now is all in dissarray, YOU COMPASS should be the CLIMATE as it always should be but right now what are countries compasses: RACE and language...that´s to show you that people are not walking with the eyes open but blindfolded...And yet: ¨THEY KNOW EVERTHING¨ a catastrophe can not happen...There is so much crap you dont know...

NORTHERN/COLD HEMISPHERE YOU NEED FITNESS LOTTOS...You dont need the same thing the hotter hemisphere got...

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