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Fighting: Eliminating Inflation Research Company...


Last Edited: February 1, 2010, 3:53 pm

Let me say something what i write is not DIRECTED to the USA IS FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD..YOu will KNOW if you READ...I am asking the USA anything other countries can do it IF THEY WANT TO...Dude i am not asking ANYONE TO DO ANYTHING i am just SHOWING THEM OPTIONS that they can see if they like it they can do it themselves...Again you will know if you READ my blogs...

I am setting aside money to research ways to FIGHT INFLATION...Because people are all over the hype of they want to be rich and they cut each other´s throat and they get their money whatever it is and for instance they get: 70 million...15 years later because of inflation those 70 millions are 50 million or 45 million and this person has to work AT LEAST: 15 years to get back to the 70 million mark again from 50 or 45 million...If he gets divorced: half of it goes to his wife...So now he doesnt have 45 million but 22 million...And taxes...Dude it makes you wonder what´s the point of getting rich and you got people that want to extort and robbed you money, and if you notice rich people tend to gain weight...So it gives the sense that why want to be rich...And that was 70 million which is not just anyone can get it, most people get: 15 million, 5 million, 8 million, 2 million, etc...See what i am saying...

So SOMEBODY has to do something about inflation...

this is only for people that want to do this WHENEVER they want to do this...I say set up: 2 million people who are rich or well off, each person who wants to do it willingly chips in: $20 a month for 5 years...It will be: 2.4 billion dollars...Placed in the bank at: 4% it will be: 96 million dollars coming your way every year...Noticed something i am talking about wealthy/rich people so $20 a month to them is like: $5 or less a month...Anyways with this 96 million dollars coming every year they are going to create a research center that is going to come up with ways and investigate HOW TO FIGHT INFLATION, REDUCE IT, OR ELIMINATE IT...They are going to work on models...And they are going to offer a REWARD INTERNATIONALLY to whoever in the world can come up with a model/plan, etc to fight inflation, reduce it or eliminate it...

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