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Can't Identify Anything can create cover-up.


Winning hearts and minds over the skies of South America.

See if you can identify the "action" taken against those involved; not "responsible" but "involved". Is this some of that "neuro-linguistic programming" folks keep talking about?

Entry #365


Rick GComment by Rick G - February 5, 2010, 6:54 am
Sad story. Thought the CIA was supposed to be gathering foreign intelligence for national security, not chasing alleged drug runners and firing drone bombs at Pakistani families (and assassinating presidents and dealing drugs and...). This organization was rogue from the day it started, filling its membership with Nazis who escaped Germany and moved to the US after the war. They have been allowed to permeate our govt., military, media and board rooms...way beyond the scope of FOREIGN affairs. And there is no such thing as an "ex"-CIA agent.

Ron Paul is the only govt. official with ba!!s enough to speak ill of the octopus. He should be careful about flying.

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