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How can Bin Laden or Drug Cartel create something 50 times more horrific than September 11th..


Last Edited: February 9, 2010, 9:53 pm

Is very simple...Bin Laden has LOTS i mean LOTS of followers all over the world, remember Islam is a religion....Bin Laden or the Drug Cartels have people all around the world who are willing to kill for him and be killed for him...All Bin Laden has to do is get: 500,000 followers or 1 million followers all over the world to kill when he says so...There is more than: 500,000 or 1 million Americans living abroad...All Bin Laden has to do is say: go at night at the house of this person all synchronized with an AK-47 and LOTS OF AMUNITION and go to the houses of the 500,000 Americans spread all over the world and break into their houses kill their dogs if they have any and kill wife, father and kids...All synchronized on Bin Laden or the Drug Cartel mark...All Bin Laden has to do 1 night is give the command or say: OPEN SEZAME OR EXECUTE and it happens...

And from night to day/morning you hear on the news: 500,000 or 1 million Americans have been killed living abroad and 500,000 babies or 300,000 babies/little kids have been killed....How many people did September 11th killed? 3,000....Alright then...And you know the followers dont have to get caught either...Maybe 100 will die...They can continue for that night until they have reached a lot of Americans dead or they get killed...When you hear on the news...Not 1 million Americand died but 3 million....

IT COULD HAPPEN...ALL SYNCHRONIZED...Not just Bin Laden or the Drug Cartels can do this, Countries at war with other countries can do it also....

This can happen in Malls...There are 200 countries in this world...Each country has like: 4 malls, some have more...Each mall has like: 5,000 people...Do the math: 200 countries x 4 malls x 5,000 people in each mall= 200 x 4 x 5,000 = 4 million people...Kids, babies, women and men...ANOTHER HOLOCAUST...All Bin Laden or the Drug Cartel needs has to do is tell his followers to go like: 5 or 10 guys fully armed with AK-47´s AND LOTS OF AMMUNITION to each mall in every country in the world all simultaneously, 4 take care of the doors of entry and the rest go mercilessly killing, followers that are not affraid to die...They take the crap out of the security guard who has a square gun...YOu imagine the rest....And then Bin Laden or the Drug Cartels give the order on any particular day....ALL SYNCHRONIZED IN UNISON ON ONE CHOSEN DAY...


I am just trying to show you something...YOU DO YOU SEE HOW YOU DIDNT SEE THIS...Do you SEE IT...There are many things you can and dont see...There are many threats that can eliminate this planet and you cant see them...Look at this now...Another world war 3 without the hype...

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