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How could Someone Make, lots of money in the Stock Market: Trading: I Think


Last Edited: February 11, 2010, 5:19 am

you all have seen those games on the computer screen where someone place their finger and there is an aim following your finger...Something like Nintendo Wii....

I THINK BUT I AM NOT SURE but i think i´ve seen computer screens where IT WILL FOLLOW YOUR EYES without you placing you finger...If i am not correct, then all someone needs is to place a screen (like a small screen film) on every computer sold and on TVs a program screen film inside the computer or tv screen that will follow your eyes and point where exactly the exact location of the screen that the person is looking at...Every person that surf the net to buy or browse items on computers the screen will tell you which items will be more desireable and those items that are desireable are the ones likely to be bought in the next couple of days or 30 days....You linked the film screen to a massive supercomputer and analyze all of the desirable items and you will know ahead of times which products are the most desirables and likely to do good in the market...Same thing with the TV...

you could do the same with the computer mouse the mouse clicks (like an algorithm number reading of strenght of click, think of the richters scale in the computer mouse) it will show which pages or items are more desireable and which online pages/bussinessess will have more traffic and how much too...again you link it to a supercomputer....If you had access to this supercomputer: all traders have to do is get access to the supercomputer databse or analyzis or report and buy which products are good sell the company/products that are bad...Make ton of money without having to anyalyze stocks algorithmically...

It will tell many things...It will tell which movies will do good in the box office and which will not...

All they got to do is place the screen film on every computer screen sold and tv sold and let it feed to a supercomputer that analyzes everything...Of course the screen will not be visible to the naked eye it will be hidden....

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