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How To Develop Your Intuition (Part 6)


                                                                        HOW TO DEVELOP YOUR INTUITION

                                                                                                 PART SIX

                                                                                       QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS

Several people asked questions, but all the questions seemed to center around three themes:

QUESTION - How can I really tell if it's my intuition or my imagination?

ANSWER - Your intuitive mind is unemotional. It's neutral and doesn't judge anything as good or bad. Your intuitive mind is non-assertive. It never gets aggressive or urges you to do something. Your imaginative mind is emotional. It asserts itself and dominates your thoughts. More than anything, your imaginative mind is excited about what you're thinking. It judges things as good or bad and encourages us accordingly. As a rule, it your thoughts are calm and peaceful that could be your intuition. But if your thoughts are exciting and energetic, it can't be your intuitive mind that's speaking. The other thing is you'll always have a peaceful knowing when it's your intuitive mind that's speaking.

QUESTION - How do you know your imagination is always the future? Can't you imagine the past?

ANSWER - As a rule, our imagination takes us into our possible futures and our subconscious mind accurately remembers our past. But, yes, we can play tricks on ourselves and imagine false memories. We can also imagine other possibilities than what actually happened. Mystics would argue these imaginings are possible future events in our lives.

QUESTION - How does intuition manifest in different people?

ANSWER - Good question. Intuition manifests as our sixth sense as Clairsentience (knowing) and this is attributed to the Element Spirit. But it can also manifest as a higher vibration of any of our five senses. These five higher senses are:

                                                                                     Clairvoyance (sight) [Fire]

                                                                                     Clairaudience (sound) [Water] 

                                                                                     Psychic Olfactory (smelling) [Air] 

                                                                                     Psychic Tasting (taste) [Air]

                                                                                     Psychometry (sensing) [Earth]


The notes inside the [brackets] are my own theories about the dominant Element working through the individual at that time. It seems psychic olfactory and tasting come together most of the time. The others seem to appear separately one-at-a-time.

As human beings we have two higher minds which reside above our intuition. Think of these three minds as a three-layer wedding cake. Our Intuitive Mind forms the base of this cake. The top layer is our Receptive Mind and in-between is our Conscience. Above this three-tier cake and surrounding it in all directions forever is the Mind of the Divine.

How insignificant our little Receptive Mind seems to be! But the ancients called this the Mouth of the Divine and the considered it the most precious thing in the Divine's creation. For this is the mouth through which the Divine speaks individually to each of us. All we have to do is become receptive and receive.

What we receive from the Divine we filter through our Conscience. This is our Free Will. This is where we decide what's right or wrong for us. This is where we corrupt the Word of the Divine and turn it around for our own purposes. What we send to the Divine we send through this filter and it filters out all the negativity, deceit, deception, untruth and falsehood that's in us. The truth is we can deceive ourselves, and we do it all the time, but our Conscience won't let us deceive our Maker. But that's O.K. because the Divine accepts us for who and what we are just as parents accept their own children. But this is theology and we won't go there.

We can travel through our Intuitive Mind into our Conscience and observe our five lower minds at work. We can see our Corporal Mind (Unconscious) controlling our body. We can read our history (Akashic Record) in our Subconscious Mind. We can follow the threads of countless futures in our Imagination. We can watch our Rational Mind solve the problems of our life. And, we can see the faultless activity of our Intuitive Mind. We can see all these things and we can also look up and see our Receptive Mind connected to the Universe. We can look up and see the Abyss, the Void, the Mouth of the Divine. (Some say what we're actually seeing is our own third eye.)

Here in our Conscience we can change the attitudes that color our concept of right and wrong. We can remove our prejudices and we can learn to love unconditionally. We can be reborn as a new person.

We can float up into our Receptive Mind and become enlightened. We can know the Divine. We can watch the Divine Light flowing down through the Mouth of the Divine, nurturing our Mind and Body and flowing out through us back into the Universe. We can learn to control that light. But that's another discussion for another time.

The ultimate answer to the question: How do we know we're in our Intuitive Mind instead of our Imagination? is Go to your Conscience and you'll know. Looking down from above you can see how all of your lower minds are working and what each one is doing.

The goal of meditation is enlightenment and that's attained when you reach your Receptive Mind. The Universal Rule governing this is that you will ultimately attain that which you seek. Just keep seeking.

For now, attain meditation, open your intuitive mind and use it. That's the path to spiritual enlightenment and it's the path to communing with the Divine. This completes this short course on developing your intuition. For further study, we recommend the Gnostic Lessons and other intermediate and advanced courses. [ Gnostic Lessons ] [ Intuition Index ]


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