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How to open up your chakra


The word chakra is sanskrit for disc or wheel and represents 7 energy cents in the body. By opening up the 7 chakras is allows for easier communication with the astral plane or spirit world as well as to greatly improve the flow of energy throughout your body which improves your health and problems in your life. Here  is the exercise,

1- close your eyes and take a few deep breaths,

2 - visualize the color for that chakra swirling around in a clockwise movement around that particular chakra area to open the chakra up. you will feel a difference when this happens and will feel better or clearer,

3 - Do #1 and #2 for each chakra listed below

#1 Chakra The Root Chakra

location: at the base of the spine

Color : RED

Purpose : it represents the earth element or physical plane and connect us to survival and our instincts .This chakra brings us health , money , security and physical identity.

#2 The Base Chakra

Location : lower back and sex organs

Color : orange

Purpose : it represents the water element or emotion, it connects to our feelings , desire and movement

This chakra brings us emotion, sexual fulfillment and the ability to accept change

#3 The Solar Plexus Chakra

Location : the stomach area

Color ; Yellow

Purpose : it represents the fire element and it rules our will and decisions and brings us energy and power in our lives.

#4 The Heart Chakra

Location : the heart

Color ; GREEN

Purpose : it represents the air element or ideas, it allows us to love and feel centered in our lives.

#5 The Throat Chakra

Location : the throat area

Color : blue

Purpose : it represents communication and expression.

#6 The 3rd Eye Chakra

Location : in the middle of the forehead

Color : purple

Purpose :  it represents seeing physically and psychically and brings us visions and connection to the universe.

#7 The Crown Chakra

Location : the top of the head

Color : pink

Purpose : this represents consciousness , pure awareness and knowledge coming from the universe.

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