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to Russia, Brazil, Canada, Africa, Europe: How Much Will it Cost You: Women/Elderly Weights Lotto


Last Edited: February 12, 2010, 3:08 am

                    How much will it COST for you to have: Adult Women, Elderly, Young Females Weight Lifting & Boxing Lotto...Guys i dont have any money, listen this is a priority, It needs to be done...All i can do is set money aside for it and hope people do it sometime in the future...How much will it cost to bribe your government...Dude i know you are saying robots this robots that and is nice, but MAY GOD NOT SO WISH, and and robots get eliminate it and you are in a foreign planet, what happens since that someone has not been PREPARED has always lived like a pamper child, what happens...Dude it doesnt hurt to be TRIPLE SECURED...That´s what happens when you have a wrong sense of depth...Dude i dont care if (to women) if you think you are SUPERMAN i DONT CARE...Can you PLEASE create the Weight lifting-Boxing Lotto for WOMEN, ELDERLY AND YOUNG FEMALES ONLY....

Listen YOUR BOYFRIEND will try to contradict me make me look wrong and a whole bunch of stuff....YET is your boyfriend who has not REALIZED that there is only 3 Lottos in THIS ENTIRE PLANET, that pay above: 75 or 100 million ONLY 3...lol...Your human god suppose to be EVERYBODY´S god...If i start talking...

Europe, Africa, Russia, Brazil, etc, etc HOW MUCH will it cost to bribe/lobby/whatever to have a: WOMEN & ELDERLY WEIGHT LIFTING-BOXING LOTTO in your respective countries/Continents....For you to SEE IT, i got to: BRIBE/LOBBY/BEG/IMPLORE TO YOUR BOYFRIEND so he can have this...lol....lol...lol...lol...lol...Dude had i not lived i wonder how many MILLIONS of years will had passed...LOL...AS i am writing this i am laughing hard...San Valentines comes..lol..lol...I FORGET WE LIVE IN PARADISE...LOL...

i am thinking we move to a planet and the PRESSURE/GRAVITY is off: 1.00000000000023% off i think we will lose the entire planet but to be optimist i think we will lose: 47% of humans on this planet...Not just that, suppose MAY GOD THE ALMIGHT, THE ALMIGHTY who doesnt need ANTS SIMPATHY may not so wish and the gravity or pressure of this planet increasses 321/33392% you know the story....

Anyways, this needs to be done....You know in statistics they will tell you that if you throw a coin 50 times 23-28 times it will be heads...RIGHT and what happens if by struck of luck it goes from 28 to 39 been heads....Of course it cant never happen...Cars smog in the 80´s could had never damage the earth atmosphere: MY GOSH THAT´S IMPOSSIBLE...WHO TOLD YOU THAT...Metane coming off of cow poo: MY GOSH THAT´S IMPOSSIBLE...SOMEONE CALL THE POLICE...

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