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How To Develop Your Intuition (Part 4)


                                                                            HOW TO DEVELOP YOUR INTUITION

                                                                                               PART FOUR

                                                                                       THE INTUITIVE MIND

If you've been practicing the techniques being discussed, you've probably already visited your Intuitive Mind. If not, why not review the previous lessons and give it a try?

Here are the steps involved:

1.  Completely relax your body.

2.  Breathe deeply.

3.  Stop thinking about the past.

4.  Enlist the help of your subconscious mind.

5.  Stop thinking about future possibilities.

6.  Enlist the help of your imagination.

7.  Stop thinking about here and now.

8.  Dismiss the thoughts that come to your mind.

9.  Enter the peace and quiet of your mind.


If only it were that easy in the beginning If your mind works anything like mine, every practice session ended up with me writing a long To Do List. It's amazing how many things I'd forgotten to do and all the great ideas that popped into my mind. Some of them actually were quite good. Some of them were trash. Admittedly, most of them were not too good.

In other words, my memory and imagination got in the way. So did my personal critic, commonly known as my rational mind. But every once in awhile my intuitive mind got through all this clatter and I really did have a good idea.

The problem was I didn't know which was which and what was intuitive and what wasn't.

That's normal, so if it happens to you, please don't worry about it. Just cut to the chase. Save the Best and Trash the Rest. Don't waste your time on a really bad idea.

It took me several weeks before I could recognize the difference between the voices of my different minds. Here's how it worked for me:

Subconscious Mind - My memories are stored with angry, happy or sad emotions. When my Subconscious Mind speaks to me, these same emotions are attached to the memories. Thus, whenever the emotions of anger, sadness or happiness accompany an idea, I know it's coming from my Subconscious Mind.

Imaginative Mind - Whenever I start thinking about future possibilities, I get excited and/or anxious. It's this excitement or anxiety that tells me I'm operating in my Imaginative Mind at the moment. If it's really exciting or if I'm really anxious or fearful, it's really my Imagination.

Rational Mind - My Rational Mind is very good at pointing out all my real or potential faults. It tells me all the bad things about me and my ideas. So if any thought is critical of me in any way, or just a little bit cynical, I know that's my Rational Mind doing it's thing. I usually feel the negative energy.

None of these minds or feelings is intuitive.

My Intuitive Mind is calm and peaceful. It never finds fault with me and it doesn't tell me what to do. It accepts me for who and what I am. It never volunteers any information about me unless I ask first. Then it encourages me to look at the things I like about me and enhance them. It asks me to look at the things I don't like about me and decide how to change them myself. It will give me suggestions when I ask but never unsolicited criticisms or analysis.

My Intuitive Mind is a master counselor who helps me identify what I want to do about me. It's a master teacher who leads me to opportunities for learning whenever I ask for help. It's a spiritual center for me where I can always find acceptance, peace and quiet anytime, anywhere.

My Intuitive Mind answers my questions calmly and unemotionally. It tells me I have the power to change my own life, to change who and what I am, to become a better and more loving individual. It never tells me I am unsatisfactory or bad.

My Intuitive Mind tunes into the Subconscious Minds of others to share information with me they want to share. It never violates another person's right to share or not at their discretion. But it does warn me when negative energy is being directed toward me.

These things, I find, are also quite normal and to be expected as one opens his or her Third Eye which we also call our Intuitive Mind.

As you continue to experience this calm and peaceful place within, you'll begin to hear the small, silent voice that is your intuition. It happens just as naturally as all of your bodily functions. In the beginning, these fleeting intuitive moments may take a long time to manifest.

But, the more you practice, the sooner you reach your intuitive mind and the longer you're able to remain there. As you continue to practice, you'll be able to move into your intuition in seconds. You'll be able to function there while doing other things such as talking, sleeping, working or playing. You can stay tuned in and listen to your own small silent voice anytime, anywhere.

This too is quite normal.

                                                                                        [Number Five] 

                                                                                        [Intuition Index]



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