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How To Develop Your Intuition (Part 3)


                                                                               HOW TO DEVELOP YOUR INTUITION

                                                                                                   PART THREE

                                                                                    THE ACTIVE MIND REVISITED

If you've been experimenting with this system for developing your intuition, here's a synopsis of your experiences:

BODY MIND - Your body didn't want to settle down in the beginning. It told you to scratch this itch here or there, move this muscle or that, drink water or drain it, snack on something or do something else. Your body is used to being in command and it likes being the boss.

As you practiced, your body tended to quiet down and relax more quickly and willingly gave up the fight to be in control. The more you practiced the more your body relaxed and let go. This is normal so don't worry about it.

SUBCONSCIOUS MIND - As you started to quiet your mind down from the cares and woes of your life, your subconscious mind became active. You remembered to do this or that. You started thinking about your past, things you did or didn't do.

As you practiced telling your subconscious mind you didn't want to remember anything from your past just now and asked it to help you tune into your intuitive mind, your subconscious mind complied. Memories from your past faded away. You didn't know it, but as this happens your subconscious does go to work opening channels to your intuition. This is normal, so don't worry about it.

IMAGINATIVE MIND - As your subconscious mind stopped bringing up past memories, your imagination started running wild. You started thinking about all the possibilities of this or that. You took flights of fantasy and had a wonderfully exciting time.

As you practiced telling your imagination you didn't want to think about the possibilities just now and asked it to tune into your intuitive mind, your imaginative mind complied. Future possibilities faded from your mind, not to be forgotten, but to be put on hold. Your imagination went to work helping you imagine yourself communicating with your own intuition. This is normal, so don't worry about it.

RATIONAL MIND - As your imagination stopped bringing up future possibilities, your thinking mind took over. This is probably when you started thinking you'd never become intuitive. Don't snicker. That's what we do to ourselves all the time. Nobody can criticize us as well as we can. When we temporarily stop remembering who and what we are, and when we temporarily stop fantasizing about whom and what we can become, we think we can't do it.

As you practiced ignoring your rational mind, you became calmer and more centered. I have an image of my rational mind becoming a small sulking boy hiding in the corner of my mind when I reached this stage in my intuitive development. Others have different experiences but the end result is the same. We reach a point where our rational mind stops finding something wrong with us and it quiets down. This is normal, so don't worry about it.

WHAT'S NEXT: Practice is the next and most important step. It doesn't matter how long you practice in each session. What seems to matter most is regular practice. Two times a day is better than just once. Three times yields more results more quickly.

A few short sessions every day yields results more quickly than one long session a day. The process gets easier and easier with practice. Within a few weeks you will be able to completely relax your body and calm your mind.

Now you know why we call your subconscious, imaginative and rational minds the Active Mind.

                                                                                             [ Intuition - Part Four ]

                                                                                             [ Intuition Index ]




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